Sunday, April 24, 2005

no one night stand :(

night out with my sister Jhosel

Jhosel took the liberty of enrolling us in Belly Dancing. I definitely ran out of excuses not to do it when she enrolled us at Santa Monica College instead of the usual Long Beach location, she even picked me up. I enjoyed it!

That night, she went with me on my friend's cafe's grand opening. We were very late and we still had to pick up Emy. We got there the cafe was close so we proceeded to the after party/artist studio opening of my friend's boyfriend. How rude was I for not even saying hi to him. I of course asked my friend first if it was okey with her if I avoid the bullshit because I really came there for her not him. He was the one who told me to keep my day job when he went to the gallery. I should probably thank him for the valuable advice but who gives a shit. I hang out enought to see two more people I absolutely hate. The architect and his wife who screwed me with a sidejob for $4,000.00++ See, I let money issues go. I don't like putting energy in collecting it and that's probably why I am poor. They also talked shit about me behind my back with one of the consultants, that's when I knew they tricked me and did not intend to pay me at all. Whatever, it was just money (as much as I need it)... I always believe that what comes around, gets around. The "Golde Rule".... I did not bother saying hi to them as well. One thing I am not good at is bullshiting with people.

We got out of there early enough to decide we want to go out party some more. So we did! I wanted to be obscenely aggressive and pick up a one-night-stand but boy!!! That was not easy, they were all too young and more attracted to my baby sister. Oh well... I guess I would have to hold off having se* for awhile.