Sunday, April 24, 2005

los liones hike

view from the top of Los Liones fire road

an unexpected view in LA

my friend Deedee enjoying the meadow


Despite a major hang over from last night's partying, I forced myself to get up and get Deedee to go hiking.
Thank God I did because it was such a gorgeous weather to go hiking. We went to Los Liones, it is bordering Pacific Palisades and Malibu. So green and woodsy. The hiking group was of course taking a faster stroll than I would like but they slowed down on our way back and I was able to take plenty of flower pictures. The air smelled fresh and it lifted up my spirits.
I had to drop of the drill to Gene afterwards because he needs it for his model making project. Even that didn't upset my mood. All the more realization that I am quite over him, even my bitterness. Great improvement from the last few weeks.
I really feel like I am moving on and living life ones more.