Friday, March 25, 2005

to sue or not to sue... that is the question!

Let me just say that I am a very open minded individual who does not easily take offense on almost anything.

I have people I've worked with who in any normal sense could be considered sexually harrassing me but in turn I take it as a compliment. I almost always try to turn situations into a positive and that makes my days smoother than it really is.

There are situations though that makes such a turn around almost impossible!

Today, I have received an e-mail that was not meant for me to read. One of our supplier's representative is leaving his company and have decided that he should forward my contact information to his colleague taking over his account. This is what he said...
"When you drop by to (my companies name), make sure you meet Jhoiey, she is the
little hot panhead."
Now, it took me awhile to digest this statement. I didn't know what panhead meant. I know what hot means and although that is an adjective I would normally would like to here a guy describe me... NOT IN THE WORKPLACE! from someone I don't know in a personal level and who needs to be respecting me as a designer! I have met the imbecile twice when he dropped by our office delivering some samples. Talked to him on the phone 3 times max when I call to request samples. Exchanged e-mails no more than 4 times, when I am again - requesting samples. All those times, I have been straight forward and very business-like. So therefore, I cannot take that as a compliment. Besides, I don't think it was necessary for him to tell his co-worker that before he even met me. He just defamed me! How could I expect to be treated with respect by that person? Notwithstanding, panhead being a racial slur!
Clearly a double whammy! Not just was I sexually harrass, I was also racially discriminated!
I am pissed beyond belief. I went to our HR and informed them of what happened. This will be taken all the way up becuase the corporation I work at takes zero tolerance on sexual harrassment and any other sort of discrimination.
Now, the question is --- how far do I take it to get my point across to that moron that I do not appreciate being treated that way!