Sunday, February 13, 2005

My Funny Valentine...

my funny Valentine...

Spending a weekend with my one and only niece was very refreshing. I played Mommy all the way, we did everything together. I didn't let her out my sight even for a second. We read books, we colored, we exercised. By the end of the weekend, she told me, "Mommy Jhoiey, I am your baby... I love you!" How freakin' sweet is that. She is more fun now because she can actually converse with you in full sentences and she makes sense, very smart kid.

passing on Mickey!

I pass over my old mickey belt bag that Gene gave me years ago when I moved to L.A.

Dynn with her umbrella at the Brentwood Plaza.

We walked to Whole Foods and had a fruit bowl and another day, we walked to Brentwood Plaza where Dynny met Calista Flockhart's son and played with him a little bit. My Dynny acted like a true Brentwood royalty, I love it! I bought her a cute butterfly umbrella in case it rains on us.

My Valentine weekend cannot be anymore perfect. But the wonderful thing is, I get to give her back to her Mom when it was time to go back to work... I spoiled her too much, she wanted me to go home with her!