Tuesday, January 18, 2005

reminiscing the past

a perfect boracay sunset

Yes, AnP... I have finally found time to scan our island hopping adventure photos!!!
This is the beauty of living alone. You can do whatever the heck you want at whatever time you desire... NO "come to bed now baby... it's getting late... you need to get pounded before going to sleep..." I do miss it but at the same time, I never have this opportunity to reminisce old memories. This photo was taken 24th of April 1995 at the coast of Boracay, Philippines. I was island hoping with Melissa, better known as AnP to the blogging world the summer before our last semester in architecture school. It was a research for our undergraduate thesis or at least that's what we told our unsuspecting parents who funded the whole month long trip. It was fun, exhausting and exhilirating and believe me, there were moments when we almost pulled each others hair but instead we walked in different directions at the beach. We bought a box of condom that we got to scared to use, but mind you --- there were plenty of opportunities!!!
I got this new high res scanner that also scan negatives and slides... I got really pumped up to open boxes of old photos and start digitizing them. After years of all the almost-hate e-mails from Melissa asking me to scan our photos, I finally did it and will be available for viewing very soon... I gotta ask her permission first of course.
So, Melissa... all I need to do now is crop and rename each one since I did a multi scan to finish scanning faster... a little more patience my friend!