Monday, November 22, 2004

western medicine

I have succumb to the cure of western medicine...

I have finally been given a prescription for anti-depressants formulated specially for women with induced menopause (whether hormone or surgically induced). It's suppose to help with hot flushes and chronic pain as well as regularity of sleep and so on and so forth... I was also adviced to start seeking coginitve behavioral therapist... And I have agreed to do it, specially realizing that I have chemical imbalances due to all my other physical ailments. The lack of energy and motivation is driving me nuts!
I know it doesn't mean I am crazy, cause --- really --- I AM NOT!
Oh, I have to say... the laser treatment for my freckles worked! My face looked more radiant and clearer. The hair removal takes about 6 treatments (Michelle, since you asked). The cost for the laser treatments, per treatment are as follows:
Over-all face rejuvenation (pores and pigmentation) = $400.00
Over-all face rejuv + wrinkle removal treatment = $500.00
Upper lip hair removal = $150.00
Under arm (both) = $250.00
Confidence afterwards ==== PRICELESS