Monday, November 15, 2004

Tupperware Party Version 2004

Women come together for afternoon tea or such pleasantries and share common interests. Homemakers use to have (still does) Tupperware Parties, and other varieties thereof. Brides to be would have make-over parties... In the dawn of the new millenium, when society in general have learned that they can alter their looks to serve their egos better, when TV shows extreme make-overs... what do regular folks do on a lazy weekend to come together and share a common interest or should I say common goal? To be beautiful! Woman and man alike discuss how they can look younger, have a more trim phusique.
Last weekend I was a part of that getting together, only it wasn't just any ordinary make-over party, they call it a Beauty Party. There was a board certified cosmetic surgeon and anesthesiologist in the house discussing the pay-off of the newest technology in liposculpture (a.k.a. liposuction), laser therapy and laser hair removal and other procedures that can radically alter your look and make you to what you want to be. It was hilarious to watch this middle age couples discuss how the husband can get hair implants to reverse the balding effects of an aging Filipino male, and the wives can get liposculpture to get back there figures before she popped out 3 teenage kids and how both of them can get collagen or botox to remove the wrinkles and how there teenage daughters can have their armpit hair removed byt laser technology. The whole family in participation to all look beautiful! Of course, it's not without all the Filipino fares of lumpiang shanghai, spaghetti, palabok, siomai, lach flan etc. etc.
So, why was I there? My Mom needed somebody to give her the heads up in going through a Sharon Osbourne transformation. While helping my Mom decide on how she could get back on her svelte figure (specially after going through photo albums of some ten years ago where she looked amazing!), I got sold into some laser therapy myself!!! Treat my freckled face (no more sun exposure for at least a month... good thing it's fall and not beach season) and laser hair removal on my upper lip and armpits. I was planning to do it anyways and I got convinced because the Cosmetic Surgeon is Filipina with the same skin tone as I am and when she showed me her smooth armpits, I got excited... not to mention her perfect facial skin. Also, the convenience of not having to make an appointment and driving to her clinic in San Diego.
That's as far as I want to recalled my $1,000.00++ weekend. I would not want to remember how I got trashed Saturday night after watching a play entitled "Breaking Up - it's funny when it's not you!" --- I swear I really needed a drink after watching that.