Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Lola Nena, at the beach in Santa Monica

I am completely exhausted... both my knees were bruised because I fell during lunch while walking home to get a bite to eat! Not because I am clumsy (although I am!) but because I was so tired, I think I fainted. I use the word think because I wasn't sure what happened --- all of a sudden I opened my eyes, I was down on my knees on the other block!

I live 4 blocks from where I work...

Anyway, 2 weeks ago I was busy working on the weekend to finish a 1:20 scale and 1:8 scale model for a presentation to the executives (I have to blog about the model a differnt time)... 12 hours on Saturday and another 10 hours on Sunday --- when Sunday I got a call that something was terribly wrong with my Lola (grandma)... I felt this sudden burst of heat (aside from the intense every 15 minute occurence of hot flushes from the induced menopause) and tears started flowing... Gene noticed and decided to take me to my Mom's house to find out what's wrong (yes Gene was with me at work as a temp employee to help me finish my model!!! that's why it deserves another blog). Since I am currently vehicularly challenged (since I opted to not get my car fixed because I don't need it...) he was nice enoughto drive me. (WE ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER!)

My train of thought ---- LOST

Lola had a stroke, she was admitted in the hospital and for some strange reason, it was my name that she kept on calling. I decide to stay with her in the hospital, skipped work Monday and Tuesday to be by her side (completely missed the project presentation...) I have been staying at my Mom's to be the night shift after she got out of the hospital. I tried sleeping all Saturday but I am just completely exhasuted... I decided to take it easy tonight and go to bed early on my own bed. I think if I don't, I will completely regret it... My scar is also bugging, maybe because of the cold.

I am not sure if all my blubber made any sense...

Pray for her...