Sunday, November 21, 2004

building scale models w/ the almost ex

It's hard to explain but if there is one person I would build models with and if there is one thing I would do with this person, it's building models...
He builds car models, so naturally I thought he would be good in building architectural models and a few years back we built one together of our dream house... A month ago, we were asked at work to build a model and after two weeks of three pretty well paid architects doing the job, the boss ask if we know somebody who could help us build it so we could focus on our real jobs. Out of compassion for him needing a decent job with a decent pay and knowing that he is very capable of doing it, I recommended him. Ihad to hold his hand the fist week because, let's face it he doesn't have an architectural background, but ever since then --- I must admit, I am very impressed and quite proud of how well he's been doing it.
Below are pictures of some projects we've done together for the current company I (and I guess he, too) work for...

1/8 scale interior model of food court CPM, CT

1/20 scale exterior model of CPM, CT

1/16 scale exterior model of Chesterfield, MI