Saturday, November 27, 2004

a different thanksgiving...

Wednesday night we departed L.A. to fly to Boston. We got to Boston at 6:00 a.m., Thursday and took the "T" to Kendall/MIT, Cambridge station and walked all the way to our hotel, about 1.5 mi baggage in tow. We stayed at The Hotel @ MIT. Very nice, it is a part of the Doubletree chain of hotels. We got there pretty early to check-in, so we had a leasurely breakfast at the Sidney Grill which shares the same lobby as the hotel. Our room was luxurious and we each have a queen size bed and four down/feather pillows (by us, I mean - my sister Chi and I.) We walked all over the MIT grounds and hopefully I will have time to post all the pictures with the name of the respective architect that designed the edifice. We also walked outside the Harvard grounds and went to dinner there. Naturally, everything was close since it was the day of the Thanksgiving Feast!

Normally, the day before Thanksgiving, I buy my turkey (anywhere from 15-21 lbs.) and all the goodies that come with (stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, corn bread, greens, pumpkin pie, etc. - all or a combination of.) I usually wake up at 5 a.m. Thanksgiving Day and start cleaning my bird and making all the other preparation, so that by 3 p.m. we can have our feast. I have done this since the first year I got married, never missed for six years. Thanksgiving is when I show how a good wife I can be. Usually we have guests but there were a couple of years when it was just him and I. One Thanksgiving, we went to Utah to join his parents and I was still the one who made the turkey. I have become a turkey expert! Another year, we spent at my Mom's and I was still the one who made the turkey!!! After the big feast I immediately start segregating the left over turkey, slice up all the white meat and separate them in packages good for a couple of days and freeze the rest, so Gene can have his favorite turkey sandwich for at least a week. Then, I gather all the dark meat and the carcass and boil them to make turkey soup which I would freeze in several bowls so we can have warm soup for a couple weeks during the cold winter nights.

Last year was the most special one, it was when we had the gallery/live-in loft in Santa Monica. We had 27 people total, his complete family, my complete family and a few friends. I made a total of 5 turkeys, yes! 5! 3 in the oven, 2 in the grill! An abundance of all the other trimmings. It was so lovely, to top it all of, Gene gave a speech and proclaimed how thank he is for me to be his wife. I should have been really happy, but by that time I have buried myself with resentment and contempt that I have made a face while he was doing his speech. That was when I know, something was very wrong, that our problem could be beyaon saving. It was a hard decision but after I contemplated divorce, I have planned this trip to be away from him during the most special holiday that we have always celebrated more than any other holiday. It was a very difficult decision but I felt I had to do it. It hurts me so much but it was the only way I know how to deal with all theconfusion I have been having as of late.

Friday, we got up late and took our time to get ready. We then rented a car to drive to Plymouth, Massachusetts about 35 miles south of Boston. We took a self guided walking tour of the Plimoth Plantation which presented a very pleasant view of American history. It was still quite early to wait for the 1627 Harvest Dinner (remake of the First Thanksgiving Meal) we were joining so we decided to drive to the Mayflower 2 which was the ship the pilgrims arrived with. We got back to the plantation just in time to have a quick look at the ift shop and then the dinner. The dinner was different and good. We didn't over stuff ourselves. This new medication really works quite good. In moments I would have cried, I couldn't. The feeling was so neutral it was weird at times. Although I must say, there are times when I have thoughts of death, NO not killing myself... just picturing myself dying on certain situations, like when we were at the subway waiting for the train, when the train arrived, I pictured myself grabbing onto the train and dragged... morbid --- i know! We drove around Downtown Boston for awhile and just get the feel of the city, I like Cambridge better. The center of higher education. Uhhmmm, makes me want to go to Harvard Graduate School of Design. If ever I don't get to have children, I will devote myself to the pursuit of higher learning!

Saturday, we got up early and took advantage of the half a day we have a car. How else? By going to Filene's and shopping. We didn't want to use th subway lagging all our shopping bags! Beside we were saving alot. There was a sale in the whole department store and the tax was only 5%. After returning the car, we took the bus and went back to Harvard Square and had a late lunch. We walked inside the Harvard grounds and was inspired to be more intelligent! We wanted to do more shopping, in fact I fell in love with a couple pairs of shoes but decided against it. My self control is admirable this days. We stopped by a few furniture stores to daydream how the new loft will look like. Oh yes! We are moving. I found a loft across from were I work and it was cheaper than my current rent (smaller as well but being a loft, i love it!). We are projecting to move by the 15th of December. Chi will move in after her lease is over. She will stay with me while she's back at school. And Gene won't be moving with me, he'll be moving somewhere else. More daydreaming during dinner at Legal Seafood where I had a good mojito and Chi had sangria and this most tasteful fried oysters!

Back at the hotel, blogging and later... packing our new matching set of luggage!

Thank God for another year of a chance to be happy in life...

Monday, November 22, 2004

western medicine

I have succumb to the cure of western medicine...

I have finally been given a prescription for anti-depressants formulated specially for women with induced menopause (whether hormone or surgically induced). It's suppose to help with hot flushes and chronic pain as well as regularity of sleep and so on and so forth... I was also adviced to start seeking coginitve behavioral therapist... And I have agreed to do it, specially realizing that I have chemical imbalances due to all my other physical ailments. The lack of energy and motivation is driving me nuts!
I know it doesn't mean I am crazy, cause --- really --- I AM NOT!
Oh, I have to say... the laser treatment for my freckles worked! My face looked more radiant and clearer. The hair removal takes about 6 treatments (Michelle, since you asked). The cost for the laser treatments, per treatment are as follows:
Over-all face rejuvenation (pores and pigmentation) = $400.00
Over-all face rejuv + wrinkle removal treatment = $500.00
Upper lip hair removal = $150.00
Under arm (both) = $250.00
Confidence afterwards ==== PRICELESS

Sunday, November 21, 2004

building scale models w/ the almost ex

It's hard to explain but if there is one person I would build models with and if there is one thing I would do with this person, it's building models...
He builds car models, so naturally I thought he would be good in building architectural models and a few years back we built one together of our dream house... A month ago, we were asked at work to build a model and after two weeks of three pretty well paid architects doing the job, the boss ask if we know somebody who could help us build it so we could focus on our real jobs. Out of compassion for him needing a decent job with a decent pay and knowing that he is very capable of doing it, I recommended him. Ihad to hold his hand the fist week because, let's face it he doesn't have an architectural background, but ever since then --- I must admit, I am very impressed and quite proud of how well he's been doing it.
Below are pictures of some projects we've done together for the current company I (and I guess he, too) work for...

1/8 scale interior model of food court CPM, CT

1/20 scale exterior model of CPM, CT

1/16 scale exterior model of Chesterfield, MI

Monday, November 15, 2004

Tupperware Party Version 2004

Women come together for afternoon tea or such pleasantries and share common interests. Homemakers use to have (still does) Tupperware Parties, and other varieties thereof. Brides to be would have make-over parties... In the dawn of the new millenium, when society in general have learned that they can alter their looks to serve their egos better, when TV shows extreme make-overs... what do regular folks do on a lazy weekend to come together and share a common interest or should I say common goal? To be beautiful! Woman and man alike discuss how they can look younger, have a more trim phusique.
Last weekend I was a part of that getting together, only it wasn't just any ordinary make-over party, they call it a Beauty Party. There was a board certified cosmetic surgeon and anesthesiologist in the house discussing the pay-off of the newest technology in liposculpture (a.k.a. liposuction), laser therapy and laser hair removal and other procedures that can radically alter your look and make you to what you want to be. It was hilarious to watch this middle age couples discuss how the husband can get hair implants to reverse the balding effects of an aging Filipino male, and the wives can get liposculpture to get back there figures before she popped out 3 teenage kids and how both of them can get collagen or botox to remove the wrinkles and how there teenage daughters can have their armpit hair removed byt laser technology. The whole family in participation to all look beautiful! Of course, it's not without all the Filipino fares of lumpiang shanghai, spaghetti, palabok, siomai, lach flan etc. etc.
So, why was I there? My Mom needed somebody to give her the heads up in going through a Sharon Osbourne transformation. While helping my Mom decide on how she could get back on her svelte figure (specially after going through photo albums of some ten years ago where she looked amazing!), I got sold into some laser therapy myself!!! Treat my freckled face (no more sun exposure for at least a month... good thing it's fall and not beach season) and laser hair removal on my upper lip and armpits. I was planning to do it anyways and I got convinced because the Cosmetic Surgeon is Filipina with the same skin tone as I am and when she showed me her smooth armpits, I got excited... not to mention her perfect facial skin. Also, the convenience of not having to make an appointment and driving to her clinic in San Diego.
That's as far as I want to recalled my $1,000.00++ weekend. I would not want to remember how I got trashed Saturday night after watching a play entitled "Breaking Up - it's funny when it's not you!" --- I swear I really needed a drink after watching that.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Lola Nena, at the beach in Santa Monica

I am completely exhausted... both my knees were bruised because I fell during lunch while walking home to get a bite to eat! Not because I am clumsy (although I am!) but because I was so tired, I think I fainted. I use the word think because I wasn't sure what happened --- all of a sudden I opened my eyes, I was down on my knees on the other block!

I live 4 blocks from where I work...

Anyway, 2 weeks ago I was busy working on the weekend to finish a 1:20 scale and 1:8 scale model for a presentation to the executives (I have to blog about the model a differnt time)... 12 hours on Saturday and another 10 hours on Sunday --- when Sunday I got a call that something was terribly wrong with my Lola (grandma)... I felt this sudden burst of heat (aside from the intense every 15 minute occurence of hot flushes from the induced menopause) and tears started flowing... Gene noticed and decided to take me to my Mom's house to find out what's wrong (yes Gene was with me at work as a temp employee to help me finish my model!!! that's why it deserves another blog). Since I am currently vehicularly challenged (since I opted to not get my car fixed because I don't need it...) he was nice enoughto drive me. (WE ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER!)

My train of thought ---- LOST

Lola had a stroke, she was admitted in the hospital and for some strange reason, it was my name that she kept on calling. I decide to stay with her in the hospital, skipped work Monday and Tuesday to be by her side (completely missed the project presentation...) I have been staying at my Mom's to be the night shift after she got out of the hospital. I tried sleeping all Saturday but I am just completely exhasuted... I decided to take it easy tonight and go to bed early on my own bed. I think if I don't, I will completely regret it... My scar is also bugging, maybe because of the cold.

I am not sure if all my blubber made any sense...

Pray for her...