Friday, September 10, 2004

time flies

It's been two weeks since I started working and I have experienced my first paycheck... Chi's on vacation... therefore, I am home alone... I go through alot of psychotic episodes...
Since going back to work, I have hang out with Emy a few times. She is another one who is going through a divorce as well, funny how the cycle of life goes. I remember when we met and we were both married. She took me to a reggae concert at the House of Blues along Sunset. That was alot of fun! I danced the night away eventhough my abs were killing me! I didn't care, I slept like a baby afterwards... which was a blessing because sleep is hard to come by these days. We've also gone shopping and gone to dinner at a blues club inside the Universal City Walk. She's been really cool, which I didn't really expect in the beginning but there is a friendship that is blossoming. She is an artist as well, which is refreshing because we've painted together on a weekend once.
I have also started on my long awaited and planned for NEW series in oil. It's quite a challenge because I have never done anything realistic, painting-wise. It'll all be nudes, mostly me but I will have some models as well. I started on a small scale but I want to really go big on this. Hopefully, mainstream enough to get some gallery gigs. I will pursue that more nest year when the whole divorce thing is over.
In terms of the ex-husband.... uuuuhhhmmm.... It's a rollercoaster! I miss him to death or maybe I miss the idea of being married more than the person itself. But, he is a losing battle... I won't even expound on why! But the more I think about it, the more I realize that saving myself is the best thing I could do and I made the right decision. Coping with that decision takes alot out of me, though... I might finally succumb to psychiatry. Oh well, that's a whole other opera.
Work's been good. Nothing great but easy stuff compared to what I use to do. It's funny how most designers are on glue when it comes to creating something that could never get built. The technological revolution encouraged a fantasy world that just won't fly in the real world. But hey, I come here to work not to make a difference, I do that on my own time... I have learned to turn off my idealistic thinking when it comes to trying to get the biggest paycheck I could.
Anyway, it's a Friday and I should head home....