Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Standard weekend...

In L.A. you can buy your way to VIP-ness!

This weekend was Chi's birthday bang at The Standard Hotel in Downtown. We got a room and was there by 3p.m. in time for checkin' in. It was so rad! The room as boutique-ish of course which we like but it's not tiny like the usual N.Y. boutique hotels. We really love it. We went straight to the pool side at the rooftop and started early with the mojitos and some snacks that should last us to the night. It didn't feel like L.A. at all atop the building being surrounded by taller structures. I can just imagine the suits pretending to work on a Saturday only to watch scantilly clad bodies sun tanning in one of the chic hotels/hang-out place in L.A.
After a few drinks and some munchies to last us for the night. Chi and I headed back our funky room and took a nice long nap awaken by the phone ringing when our friends started arriving. Gotta get ready! Looking out the window facing 6th Street, the movie Gladiator was being projected on the building in front of us. How totally fascinating!
Am I talking like a valley girl? Whatever?
Getting a room room buys you an instant VIP pass in their very exclusive rooftop lounge where we were hanging out in the afternoon. Sounds crazy? Well it is. You hype up a club like that, everyone wants to be there, "to see and be seen!" Total L.A. party scene! The only problem is, you end up with people who are eager enough to get themselves in then it becomes less interesting than it's suppose to be. What a concept? But it was still cool, we were able to have our friends skip the long-ass line and get them in like VIP's as well. Awesome idea!
The night started slow but it turned out to be a total blast. They played good music and had people dancing. There was a few cutie-pies but not interesting enough to make me make a bold move. There was one guy I danced with but he was a dork. After a few drinks, it was a trip going all crazy under the moonlit sky surrounded by skyscrapers.
The night was almost ending and I decided to just go to our room and sleep and pretend that I am really on a mini vacation. It was one of those nights when you don't even dream... you just go to a deep slumber and get realy rested. Hhhhhmmmm.
Got up early, happy to have both my sisters with me. We went for an early breakfast at the Restaurant in the hotel. Relax..... Went to the pool and met my friend Emy, took a dip in the shallow pool and sunbath.... It was sooooooooooooo nice.... A mini vacation.....
Gotta do this more often.... This should be my Standard weekend....