Sunday, September 26, 2004

Kiss From A Rose

Seal is back in action! He is releasing a new acoustic album in November and watching him live at the Hollywood Bowl was really cool. It would have been better to go to the Hollywood Bowl as a couple because everybody were couples. But it's is exhilirating to learn how to be single again! Emy went with me and she prepared a nice picnic basket with wine, cheese, olives and fruits. Zap Mama played as well and she was sizzling in her african/reggae beats. Of course we were stupid enough to wear stilletos and walking the uphill/downhill road from where we parked up the Bowl. We thought we'd dress up and go out aftrwards without realizing that --- hello --- WALKING to see concert!!! Girls ca be so stupid just to be cute sometimes, but then again, I am no longer a girl... I am now a WOMAN!
I shouldn't forget to mention that on the way to the Bowl, we stopped by some liquor store to get some soda and who did we see? Matt Dillon Yup! He gave me his signature one sided smile. He passed by me twice, making eye contact and smiling that smile! If I didn't know any better, I'd think he was hitting on me. But I don't make a practice of flatering myself that way. I just smiled and back and played it cool.
I would make it a point to write more, specially now that Chi's playhouse have it's own broadband connection. No more excuse to not write. But also, I was busy finding myself... I am still lost however... But to not try and find what you lost is absurd... I can't be that lucid.
After the concert where Seal made me cry... we went to Sunset and were heading to the Standard, my regular digs but they had plubming problems and had to make people leave before clock hits midnight. Emy and I ended up at the Saddle Ranch. Not the place I would normally go to but it wasn't bad. What people would do to get attention? They had this mechanical bull and guys and gals love to ride it. I personally wouldn't out of shear respect for myself. No amount of curiousity would let me embarrass myself like so. Besides, I might break my neck. I found out though, that a woman don't need to do much to get a guys attention. The whole single game is pretty FUN!
Sunday.... woke up with enough time to go to church. We tried a one in Brentwood. Nice church with a predominantly white church goers, we saw that actor that played that loony lawyer guy at that hit TV show Ally McBeal. We didn't go to church to see stars but that's what make LA quite interesting!
Headed to the Kodak Theatre to see Val Kilmer play Moses in the updated musical, The Ten Commandments with Chi. He was hot and he sang very well. I like the updated version of the spiritual message and I was curious how they would show the Red Sea split in two and my curiousity was satisfied on how well they did it. I would highly recommend seeing this musical. It's an event of a lifetime!
I have to back track my other weekends that proved to be very enjoyable. I will try to keep my writing light since the heavy stuff going on in my head would just drive everyone mad. I need to keep some feelings private as I don't even know if it is being caused by the now on-going hormone therapy....