Saturday, August 21, 2004

from ragga-hop to AVP

Fun-filled is the only word that comes to mind. I am definitely making one commitment, to fill my days with activities that generates nothing but F.U.N (Fuckin' Unbelievable/Uninhibited eNjoyment!!!) Not very easy with my physical, mental and emotional state... but most definitely --- attainable!
Thursday was spent accompanying Chi in one of her service calls in Bakersfield (if you don't know where that is, don't worry - you are not missing anything), I was mostly just in the car (highly comparable to being in a steam room) waiting for her, reading a book recommended by her - Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown. I had to be useful and drive us home after her work... took a nap and woke up just in time to go to Temple Bar to check out this new Ragga-Hop artist Triniti who was hot hot hot I must say! It was a twist between Reggae and Hip-Hop and she gave it her own flavor. She could definitely make it commercially. The dinner we ordered was quite intriguing as well. We had a plantain quesadilla with chicken served with carribean jerk sauce. Truly islandish.
Friday was spent meeting up with friends. Lunch with ex and future (in about a week) co-worker - Tony, coffee with my favorite ex-design teammates David & Jenny with Jenny's husband Kurtis and their second son Jasper after a visit at the "stuck in a time warp" office (where David's been in the last 12 years!). It was great seeing all of them again. Jenny seem so happy and she looks the same as before she got married. I miss her alot but being a mother (a full time one at that), doesn't give her enough time to maintain the friendship with a soon-to-be- divorced, almost-single, always-been-kinda- psychotic friend like me! She's with the Oprah-watching crowd of stay-at-home-Moms-well-supported-by-career-driven-husbands. What a trip that was to reminisce her less than psychotic post divorce singleness when we spebnt every single working days together. When they dropped me home after an afternoon of organic coffee and desserts --- sooo L.A. according to O.C. folks like them, Chi was doing some house chores. I made dinner while I share to my dear sister the craziness of my pre-menopausal day dealing with medical insurance bullshit (playing phone tag with insurance, pharmacy and doctor), Momma-drama, and scheduling of my first day of employment... We decided to just see a movie instead of going to a dance club. It was a choice between "What the bleep! Do we know?" (which was so highly recommended), Little Black Book, and a last and unexpected contender "Alien Vs. Predator"... And most unexpectedly we ended up with the latter. Now I don't know if I am so shallow with movie critiquing or because I was so skeptical about it, it exceeded all my expectations but I actually thought it was good! I even wanted to rent all the Alien & Predator movies after seeing it, just to get a better sense of how it all started. Oh, but we ended up going home and finishing up with chores...
I did have fun and will have more later today when we go to the KCRW Post-Drive Picnic for the volunteers.
I am both scared and excited to go back to work. I might end up starting on the 30th of August, Monday just to get a paycheck going (and be part of society again)... It will all depend on how my body will react to the Lupron shot next week.