Sunday, August 15, 2004

crazy life of the peace train...

Catchy title? Sure is... Sunday was unbelievable.
Chi and I got up eatly and decided we will be good girls and went to church early. Now, I remebered why I like being Catholic. See, I have attended several different Christian churches with different denominations because I fail to see the difference when you are all worshipping one God. Anyway, religion is beside the point here. I just want to say that when going to a Catholic church, you can be as anonymous as you want without any pressures to participate. I like that, specially after feeling invaded be very religious Christians who cannot tell the difference between being helpful and being invasive of your privacy. Enough digression with religion. I liked that my sister and I went to church and the message was... "It is great to have goals, ambitions, dreams but your ultimate goal should be HEAVEN!" I was touched. Not to mention, the priest was this Jamaican sounding man who dance while he walks. He is the epitome of peace.
We went get lunch from our favorite Mexican joint, Chipotle. Take-out for the whole family, although it's not complete without Mother who is on vacation with step-Dad in Vancouver to go crab fishing... uuuhhhmmm. Took a nap after the yummy burrito bowls and then took Lola (Grand Ma) and Dynn to the Getty. That was purely amazing. Perfect timing!!!
Sharon Katz & The Peace Train was playing a free concert at the Garden at the Getty. Wow! The Getty even provided blankets to lay on the grass and umbrellas for those afraid of the sun. How cool is that? I was having a blast. I wanted so much to go dancing this weekend and as always I got my wish come true. Different scenario as I wished for but still freakin' amazing. I was able to wiggle and shake my tush even if it was killing me. I figured I have to train myself to be limber again if I don't want to stiffen my organs and muscles post op. I was also playing Mommy No. 2 to Dynn who was being very toddlerish (for a lack of better term on her behavior!) and finicky. She was running, rolling on the grass, dancing, screaming her lungs out and playing sensitive little girl who would lay on her tummy on the grass pretending she fell and then fake some tears. Ayayayayay. Anyway, I had so much fun and I bought the CD. Sharon Katz is this amazing South African who plays ethnic tunes with dance hall and reggae influence and supports several meaningful organizations. Her dancers were also fascinating and they even showed off the other dancer doing a limbo rack! Oh boy, did she go low!!!
Indeed, life is how we make it as her song goes... So maybe I can re-make my life to be better!
Better... in this Crazy Life of my Peace Train....