Monday, July 19, 2004

pre-op consult

Bright and early today to meet my new found medical hero, Dr. Angela Nishio for my pre-op briefing. After taking a shower and getting ready, I got out to my car and low and behold, my keyless entry thingy was not working. This has happened before and I used the key to gain access to the car and the alarm went of and didn't stop and the engine was disabled as well and there I was with a broken remote after I smashed the stupid thing between the ground and my platform boots! So, since it was important that I don't hyper-ventilate on my way to my doctor's office, I opted in making phone calls to see who would rescue me in this almost impossible situation.

My friend Tony who's been a co-worker twice over and the man responsible for pushing me to go corporate so we could be co-workers again was just on his way to work and a few blocks to where I was. I met him on Wilshire and he gave me a ride to the doctor's office. I could always depend on him, he's always been a good friend.

When the doctor finally made her way to my consultation room, she started me with saying, "I have a bit of a bad news..." Gosh! Can my day get any worst? Yes it can! She proceeded to explain that instead of the simple laporoscopy procedure, after reviewing all the test that was done during my ER stint, she saw a lot of fibroids that are abnormally big and some possible lesions that could have also been a source of the excruciating pain I always have, she would be performing a laporotomy instead. This is still better than the other doctor's recommendation of total histerectomy.... The only thing is, I will now have a scar that might prevent me from wearing my low slung white bikini when I'm on the beach... yes! I am that vain! Let me go over the list of things that the doctor plans to accomplish when I get sliced open (as I have foreseen in my recurring nightmares!!!): Check my cervix to see if the scar tissue causing the abnormal bleeding during intercourse can be repairede; pass a dye thru my fallopian tubes to see if it is blocked and what is blocking it; scope the extent of the endometriosis and laser the adhesions between all affected organs if possible; scrape the fibroids off the ovaries and check the pathology of the cysts and lesions if there any pre-cancer cells again and any other treatments that they could perform while I am open. An almost complete overhaul wouldn't you say? This is not the first treatment I had for such problems. I am actually marching up the hierarchy of treatments for my challenged reproductive system. I had cryo-surgery where in they have injected cryogenic fluid in my cervix which essentially froze it and caused it to de-frost for about a month (a less than pleasant experience, I have to say); LEEP - laser electro e-something procedure, I forgot what the second E stands for but it is a procedure where an electric current and laser is use to burn cells, in my case pre-cancer cells in my cervix and fallopian tubes. So I have skipped laporoscopy and jumped to laporotomy... great! All this thoughts ran through my mind while the doctor finished her write up for the procedure and waits for me to ask questions. I had an aghast look on my face when she looked up from her paperwork... she asked, "do you need to think about his further and maybe asked for another opinion".... I opted to stick with it, I have done my own research and counting all the doctors I have seen (about 5 or 6), she consoiled me the most.

After I walked out of the office, I ran through my phonebook again wondering who could hitch me a ride to the bank and then back home. I even called the almost-ex to see if he could take his precious car and give me a ride. The resounding NO on my receiver hurt my ear. His car is broken again. The fucking Gene's-mean-green-machine, a 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner complete with airgraber and the famous beep-beep horns of the roadrunner cartoon, broken again and he had to care for it.... I walked a good 5 miles from the doctor's office to Chi's apartment... Great for exercise, bad for morale... I saw Shawn outside our apartment building, he's the only priviledged one who Gene told about the imminent break-up. He was waiting for Gene, so I stopped and chatted with him. Of course he asked me my side of the story and I told him flat out, if he wasn't ready to start a family with me and take responsibility of our lives after seven long years of marriage, then I have to move on and be free of him. I explained a bit more and he was very consoling. I think everyone knew, even his friends and family that I gave it my ALL, not just my BEST, it was my ALL. I loved him too much and now it was time to love myself.

I got back to Chi's place and called Tony again to see if he wanted to go to lunch and possibly give me a ride to the bank. He did! One more problem solved...

The bed I ordered arrived and I got down pillows to match the down matress cover, now I have the complete W Hotel set-up right in the comfort of my temporary abode while I wait for Gene to get his shit together. I think I have done enough for the day and tiredness is taking it's toll on my weak body. Time to rest and enjoy my new bed and pillows.

Tomorrow will be another day...