Friday, July 23, 2004

post op report

post-op photo

Extended stay in the hospital but finally got out. Thanks to a tough loving nurse named Tweety Bird.

Whenever I see my dear Dr. Nishio, she always starts her statements with, "I'm so sorry I don't have a lot of good news." The day after surgery, she came by and told me that I am the second worst case of endometriosis she have seen in years. She opened me up and found all my organs stuck together (uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder & intestines) like it was all one big mass of an organ. Now isn't that a sight to be seen? So she removed all the fibroids and separated all my organs and she said although my tubes are damaged, it is not impossible to get pregnant. Since she had to leave some endo tissue on my intestines for fear that she would bore a hole which would do more damaged than good, she said that the best plan of attack was to go on Lupron therapy which is essentially forced menopause for a period of six months. After that she suggested that if I want to have kids, I have a 3 year window and then I should really consider historectomy for after 3 to 5 years, she is envisioning my endo to be back where it was. Like I mentioned before, they have not found a cure to endometriosis, only treatments to lessen the symptoms. I should be pain free for awhile. Looking forward to it. As for having a baby, I am not gonna let my ticking biological clock ruin my party attitude.

So I won't do a play by play of the time I was in the hospital. Only that it was unpleasant and I am glad I have family to take care of me rather than depend on the kindness of nurses. They had so many other patients with so much more medical problems than I have. But of course, in my world I don't care more than I care for what I felt. I did have the audacity to not wear the hospital gown. I just had the flat sheets cover me when I am in bed and a silk robe when I have to walk around. I still am seriously vain!

Shelly visited and a few friends called to see how I was doing. Gene came by but didn't really offer any relief. He was more of a pain than a relief. Seeing him there makes me remember why I witheld this long before having my surgery.

Anyway, It is all over with and time to face the other issues in life. Car issues, divorce, new place to live, new job. I just got a call for another lead in another firm. Interview on Tuesday. Might as well because I am not sure yet if the corporate environment will wait for me.

I got a really nice phone call when I got home as well. From someone I didn't really expect to from. It is always nice to know that friends care.

A new chapter in life begins...