Sunday, July 04, 2004

Independence Day

I followed my lawyer's advice, try to manipulate the situation so that he doesn't file for spousal support. So I did. When I woke up Saturday morning, he asked if I wanted to go to breakfast with him and I said I have no money. He said it's his treat! I made it clear that, I am still proceeding with the papers and that he will get it about 3 weeks from now. He said he was clear but he wants us to separate amicably. I agreed. During breakfast we kind of talk about what else went wrong. He pleaded that I went out like any other single girl, so there is no need to get divorce if all I want is freedom. I explained that, that's just it, we gave each other too much freedom it's unnatural. I never really felt married. He just looked down after this remark. He also bought tickets for a matinee viewing of Spiderman 2. I really wanted to see that movie so I made no fuzz about it. It was better than the first one!!! When we got home, Chi just woke up from afternoon nap. I told her, we should meet before 10 p.m. to go out. I had some time so I was watching tv with the almost-ex when we heard fireworks! I told him the roof will be the best place to see it. We both went up and watched like 2 kids seeing it for the first time. We could see 3 different ones from the roof. No holding hands or snuggling, though.

Saturday night was all night dancing again with Chi. The other sister spent her weekend double dating with her bestfriend and thiese 2 guys from the East Coast. They were having fun as well. Chi met this real cute guy from Croatia and I had to hang with his friend from Toronto. It was clean fun, we were older than those two guys which made it all the more interesting.

Sunday was a blast. It started out slow, Chi and I met with Jhosel and her bestfriend Yvette at the Third Street Promenade, did some shopping, had brunch at this asian fusion type of restaurant called Yngtze. Found this real adorable suit from Bebe, borrowed money from Chi to buy it. I also got a real good deal on some pumps from Aldo. I am about to go corporate so, I have to have suits!!! We then went to my Mom's house to have some Pinoy food and play with the cutest Dynn, our little princess. Chi got us this tickets for a soccer game at the Home Depot Stadium. It was my first time to see a soccer game live. I had fun! They had a great fireworks display after the show as well. I had Chi to thank for making this day truly independent!

I got home and the almost-ex was watching tv. He asked if I saw fireworks again and I said, yes! He said he went to the roof by himself...