Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Monday morning I woke up late and exhausted. Chi called Jhosel for back-up. We were suppose to return the second company car she had to there office in Valencia. About 40 miles away. I wasn't sure if I could drive but since I promised, I got dressed and went over her place. Jhosel was already there looking all pretty and classy...

Jhosel ended up driving. My exhaustion was progressing to this unbearable pain in my lower abdomen and pelvis area. By the time we got there, my energy was completely depleted and I had to lie down. I did in the back seat of the car on the way home. We stoppped by the grab something to eat. I have to eat before I take any pain meds. I got home almost crawling, took pain meds, laid down, asked Gene to apply pressure on my back. None of this helped. I was nauseated and dizzy. I was having diarrhea. I went ot the bathroom and I was vomitting. I screamed for Gene to help me up. The pain was so excruciating, I thought I was gonna die. Lower abs, lower back, thighs and whole body shivering. I had him bring me to the Urgent Care facility of my regular doctor. To my dismay, they were more concerned in collecting my co-pay rather than asking what the hell was wrong with me, tears and all. They ended up injecting whatever pain meds they had that didn't do shit and after 30 minutes, they were asking me to go home or go to the ER because they were closing. Great! I had Gene bring me to the Saint John's ER located in Santa Monica. When they saw I couldn't move properly and i was crying from pain, they did not even wait till I fill out the forms. I was ready to hand my ID and insurance card and Gene took care of the other forms. I was immediate brought to the room, vitals checked, blood drawn, I.V. connected and boom... a shot of Morphine. It was like being washed with warm water all over my veins and all of a sudden, the pain start diminishing to a bearable degree. Relief. A whole bunch of test were done, including a pelvic CT SCAN. They want to eliminate all other causes. This is the best ER I have been brought to. I was there for 7 hours. Groggy but taken care of. Gene was beside me almost the whole time. I had him go home and eat something. He hated hospitals but I think he wanted to prove that he really did care, he just never knew how. He picked me up after I signed the release papers. He was having fun pretending we were escaping while he was pushing me on a wheel chair. If only.... WE got home and Chi was there with some food my Mom made for me after hearing I was in the ER again. I ate that and the soup that Gene made. I was exhausted and fatigued and groggy from the morphine. The area of pain was tender but not aching.

The next day, I got up late and the same thing, the pain was progressing as I try to move around the house. Gene made breakfast and after I ate, I fell asleep again. I woke up around 3 in the afternoon and the pain was progressing quick. I called my regular doctor and complained abou the urgent care incident from yesterday. They advices the if I am still in pain, just go directly to the ER. I went back. This time they did different set of tests. To no avail, it is really endometriosis. Morphine shot was given again, I relaxed. Fell asleep. I was referred to an endo specialist in the area, finally. The ER physician already talked to her about my case.

Today, I made my appointment with the endo specialist. The pain is there but in a level I can manage. I need to get better if I want to go to Chicago tomorrow with both my sisters.