Sunday, July 11, 2004


So after a day of rest from pain and morphine last Wednesday. I decided to go ahead with my Chicago trip with my sisters. This is the first time that the three of us are going on a trip by ourselves, no Mom, no husbands, no Dynn... Wish we could have done it sooner but it was never too late to renew sisterly bonds. It was the best thing we've done for years. It strengthened the relationship the three of us have and we all realized how much we are all alike and different and how much we all love each other.

Chicago was a beautiful city with a well planned urban setting and gorgeous old and new architecture, very diverse and constantly intriguing. They have well appointed parks and everything seemed walking distance in their very clean downtown. W Hotel Chicago - Lakeshore where we stayed, was right by Lake Michigan and had an awesome view. I have every good thing to say on the visual of the city but when you look in closely and analyze what makes a city, the people... then I don't have much to say in a positive light. They stare in a derogatory way and some with disparaging remarks like "asian people"... I was surprised. I never experienced getting stung by racial discomfort until Chicago. The windy city was indeed windy not just weather wise but with people's attitude as well. Even the usual friendly staff we've come to expect in W Hotels were lacking. All the food we've tried were so-so even with the most earnest recommendation by locals. We even searched for the famous "Superdawg" and the Hollywood "Pink's" was still much better, referring to hotdogs here...

So we went to CHIcago because of Chi... For reasons I would let her expound on from her blog. If I had a budget I would have done more architectural and museum tours but I am in disability and not getting a paycheck so I was satisfied just hanging out with my sisters doing what they were wanting to do, not to say that I didn't want to do it either. We had a younger kind of fun... clubbing!

We went to this supposedly famous club called Excalibur situated in a fortress/palace type of structure they dearly describe as a gothic building (not!). It was the stupidest club I've been too... suffice to say... Why? The DJ doubles as stand-up comedians who would play a good song for dancing and then make everybody get off the stage so they colddo their act that goes from a lap-dance contest to a spoof of the Spice Girls... Don't make me say more! As we went back to the hotel, we saw that there was a DJ playing at the hotel lobby and there was nobody dancing... not that they have a dance floor but you don't need one to start groovin' to good music, so we did in front of the DJ who we befriended and got us (or me in particular) amazingly drunk with promotional french vodka in our room by the end of the night. He was a cool guy though, he just really hang like old friends do, he didn't try anything funny with any of us, very respectful. He suggested a better club for the Saturday night-out.

When one is drunk, one does stupid things like call there soon-to-be-EX... At leastt hat's what I did and I could not remember a thing I said. I know that I was crying and puking at the same time and blubbering non-sense. Now that I am back, he was sensible enough to not put anythng into whatever I said...

Saturday was a blast. I had to force out my hang-over as we walked from the beach by our hotel to North beach where we were suppose to meet one of Chi's friends. I had to straighten up because I was suppose to be the responsible eldest sister!!! We walked and walked and walked and when we got there, we forgot our towels... We had to borrow from Chi's friend's friend! The beach was okay. I don't really think it should be called a beach because it's a lake not an ocean... the sand didn't really felt like sand and the water was of course not salty... it was weird in an okay fashion... Dinner at another mediocre place and then naps to get ready for the Sound Bar night-out. It was as the DJ from the W described it. It was hip. Not as viby as an LA club would be but it was the best one to be at when in Chicago. Very upscale, ultra modern interiors with 2 levels of house and hip-hop. We had fun. Of course being an Angelino, we are spoiled by having an almost smoke-free environment. I almost puke from too much smoke inside the club. But they played good music and Jhosel met a Johnny Bravo! Nomore drinking for me, I stayed sober the whole night. I shouldn't be drinking anyway. Gene even called Chi to get me under control... funny!

Over-all the Chicago trip was great. Being with my sisters, we don't need much to have fun, we are a all party-by-ourselves!!!

Tons of pictures will soon be posted, specially the views from the hotel room, from the 95th floor, from lake michigan's north beach and THE DOPPELGANGERS!!!