Friday, July 02, 2004

The Art of Doing Nothing

Back from Phoenix and dealt with the fact that I really don't have much to do. Well, I do but I chose not to. I didn't want to worry about it either. I have been wanting to blog about it but decided that that entails me getting up from a comfortable position and actually doing something.

This is the ART OF DOING NOTHING. There is even a book written about it.

Funny we don't appreciate the relaxation we need to detoxify from life itself. We are a race of lunatics always wanting more, always fighting the fight of life, always rushing to get to the next stop that life offers. We rarely stop and think what life really means and what it could really offer. We strive to be better all the time without realizing that we may already be the best that we can be.

I have not read the book but I have my own version of this art, just like I have a version of visual arts.

Now that I stopped and smelled the roses. I realized that the faintness of the scent is glorious and fascinating. I didn't have to dig deep to find myself happy. I just had to stop for a moment and not think too much. I was in an almost euphoric state just lying in bed staring at the ceiling with no discernnable thoughts nor feelings. Or sit down, sip a cup of iced coffee with Silk and stare into empty space and realize there is a smile on my face. Or have physical pain and not feel pain. There are tons of metaphore into nothingness that I could decipher in my head but I am choosing not to.

I am perfecting the ART OF DOING NOTHING. And nothingness is bliss.