Wednesday, June 16, 2004

some good things never last...

I know I would go through this and I think it's healthy really. To reminisce and cherish the good times we have shared. It wasn't always bad. We shared some great moments. But life's greatest moments are always in songs... some good things never last... would be my theme for tonight.

Life has a funny way of jolting you. There are some if's and but's yet we keep on going the way we see fit until proven otherwise. I always thought we were a great team, great lovers, great friends. Until one day, I woke up and I didn't see the future in his eyes anymore, and I searched and I searched and I searched... until the depth choked me and drowned me and almost killed me.

I am not quite sure how he feels right now. THat for me is the saddest part. He have managed to bury himself beyond those brick walls he is so good i building around him to protect him.

I know I will survive this and of course he will as well. But we will never be the same individuals after being together for seven years. We have grown, we have grown apart but nevertheless we have acquired the knowledge of each other's strength and weaknesses. We became one and now divided. We wil never be the same again.

It's excruciating how I have managed to heal my pain... I've broken so many times that the scars overlapped and have learned to numb... I don't think I'm capable of feeling that way again or maybe I'm wrong.

Right now, I want to remember where we were during happier times....