Tuesday, June 29, 2004

sisters road trip

In the hotel room... blogging... Chi's asleep... Jhosel's with ex-hubby taking Dynny to the hospital. On the way to Phoenix, Arizona, Dynny got constipated and due to the premie's intestinal problems, she threw-up several times. Poor baby! We considered goign back and not taking her but it was an opportunity to see her Daddy. She was still in very high spirits considering she was not feeling great. What a great kid! The drive wasn't so bad, Jhosel drove the whole way... all 390 miles of it. Took us 7.5 hours. It's good to do this with my sisters... bonding. I hope Dynny will get better, I think she will, she was happy to see her parents in one room hugging her constantly.

Tomorrow, I plan to hang-out all day by the pool and read books. I brought a bunch of Jack Kerouac and Silvia Plath. When Chi gets off work, maybe we'll drive around and look for something else to do. The most important thing right now is to rest my tired soul and heal my broken body. I brought my home kit for cervical traction therapy to make sure I don't miss any rehabilitative sessions, I wore my neck brace as well. It cramps my style but I had to do it.