Wednesday, June 16, 2004

the red shoes

I've been in L.A. for seven years, four months and eleven days and it was my first time to go to the Ford Amphitheatre. Chi and I went to see a rare viewing of The Red Shoes, an adaptation of the fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson filmed in the 1940's. We got dressed, drove there, bought our fancy LA style sesame crusted ahi tuna nicoise salad, wine and coffee...

I was loving the movie because it was all about the passion for one's art form, in the movies case, dance... ballet... The cinematography was fabulously forties and the special effects were seamlessly done in an old fashion glorious way film was done during those days passed... I didn't like the ending too much because it showed how one will sacrifice the love of self and the passion for one's art form for the sake of romantic love. It kind of ruined the whole movie for me.

Nevertheless, I am loving living in L.A. This city is my red shoes!