Thursday, June 03, 2004


I finally did it! I finally sent out resumes all over the place... well, areas not too far from home unlike where I work now. I sent out resumes to different positions that are not too far from what I do but would lead to a different career path. I still applied for the same position as the one I have but I made sure I checked the firm's website if they do work that would interest me. We'll see what happens. I am keeping my fingers crossed. For all I know none of them would respond but it comforts me to know that I am making baby steps to get out of the rot I'm in.

I have also mailed out my eligibility form for taking the licensure exams for architecture. That's a huge step... for years I had those forms ready to go but I always find an excuse to no send it out.

I know I complain alot and for a few months I have managed to bury myself in absolute tyranny. But I have always been a fighter, a survivor and I always knew what I wanted out of life. It doesn't take long for me to take a good look at any situation until I say "Wait a f^@*!n' minute... something is wrong with this picture!"

I am not completely out of my quicksand but I have found a branch to hold on to and help me not to completely sink and get buried alive...