Wednesday, June 09, 2004

new life

I always believed that ones life can be manipulated however one desire to. I got a little side track by a lot of emotional and financial shit the last few months but now that I have decided that I want to be happy again, I am finally seeing the light.

The mad rush to send out my resume got a couple responses already and went to a marathon interview yesterday for two different positions in one big corporation. It was interesting because I always resisted the corporate environment believing my anti-corporate-crap and not succumbing to it's calls at all. I was there from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and was very confident and liking my new found outlook in life. I did well on the first interview for a Design position. The head of Design really loved my portfolio and was too happy that I didn't look like a geek. I looked sharp with my pinstripe suit and LV briefcase! He gave me a tour of the office and started introducing me to people already. I though to myself --- that's a damn good sign! --- We went back to the conference room and he called for the head of HR. She was in a meeting but she still came down and shook hands with me. We discussed salary briefly and he didn't blink and told me I should get the offer letter from the mail very soon.

As I was walking out of the conference room, my phone rang and it was the head of Tenant Coordination. He asked if I had time for a phone interview and I said, I am actually still in the building. He said, perfect... wait for me in the lobby and I'll bring you up to my office for an interview. Of course, I didn't hesitate... He liked me as well and he asked me "did you really want to join our corporation?" - I said "of course" --- so he said "let me talk to the head of Design and let him make his offer, if you did not reach an agreement with him, that's when I make my offer - I won't let a talent like you get away from joining this corporation - you will be a great asset" ---- I was beaming... it will be a win-win situation for me either way! The other position is more managerial which means mo' money - mo' money! Yey!

Anyway, the best thing is it's 3 blocks from my house and I could literally walk and save gas money!

I am about to start my life with a big bang! Can't really blog about the other events just yet!!!