Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Adventures I have and will accomplish...

I wrote about 3 months ago...
something's changed since then...

Adventures I have accomplished:

1. Jumped in the pool after an all night drinking fest and no sleep for more than 24 hours.
2. Bunjee Jumping with my sisters.
3. Danced on stage while my reggae buddies was having a concert.
4. Danced the hula on stage when in Maui.
5. Danced on stage while my husband's band was having a show case.
6. Went to Singapore by myself for a week and had a whirlwind romance with a waiter at Hard Rock Cafe.
7. Had 2 guys in and out of my room when I was in Singapore and the hotel manager thought I was a hooker.
8. Got offerred money many times to show my boobs.
9. Went mountain climbing twice while in the university, i sucked but I did it.
10. Climbed down to the Colorado River, Grand Canyon and back up the in one day with my husband.
11. Hiked up Hana, Maui to go through the bamboo forest and the 100 feet water fall.
12. Hiked down Hana, Maui to see the 7 sacred pools.
13. Slept in Central Park, New York like a bum.
14. Found fossils in many fossil hunts my husband and I went to in Northern & Southern California, Utah & Wyoming.
15. Married a musician and had chameleons for pets.
16. Swam with fishes and fed a puffer while swimming.
17. Started a business without any money.
18. Island hop with my AnP during the last years of our university days.
19. Planned to meet my bestfriend in Paris and did.
20. Stayed married even thru the toughest times...

Adventures I still WILL accomplish:
1. Skydiving.
2. Parasailing.
3. Scuba Diving.
4. Wall Climb a magnificent rock in Utah.
5. Trip to the Madagascar wilderness.
6. Trip to the Amazon.
7. Trip to the Outback & the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
8. Trip to the Great Wall of China
9. Trip to Venice, Italy.
10. Go back to school and take my Master's at SCI-Arch or UCLA
11. Start another business, and this time --- SUCCESSFULLY!
12. Fall in LOVE all over again... yah right!
13. Have a kid, a house and the whole nine yards...