Monday, May 10, 2004

Weekend for Women Only

Revlon Run/Walk for Women Los Angeles was last Saturday. I didn't go with Gene to a party the Friday prior so I can sleep early and be able to get my ass of off bed and do something I really wanted to do. I went to bed at around 1 a.m. and Gene rolled in home at around 2:45 a.m. I first opened my eyes at 6 a.m. but decided to get a few more minutes sleep. I finally rolled out of bed by 6:45 a.m. took a quick shower, grab a quick microwave breakfast and a glass of orange juice. I was suppose to meet a couple of people with their other friends by 7 a.m. but I decided that I am doing this for my own cause and I don't need to be with people I now to do it. I left the house at 7:30 a.m. Traffic wasn't so bad until I was about to exit the freeway and of course everyone was going to the venue. Parking proved difficult to find but I eventually followed where the crowd of hurried walkers were coming from. Into a parking structure I went and convinced myself that I have always done things by MYSELF and actually enjoyed doing it ALONE. A few deep breathes and I was on my way.

The runners were suppose to start at 8:45 a.m. while walkers at 9 a.m. I was just walking pass the start line on my way to the t-shirt pick-up when the clock hits and the runners were sprung to action! I was late, but I was THERE! As I was trying to find my way around the coliseum compound, this lady who wasn't registered yet, saw the lost look on my face and asked me if I would like to look for the registration area with her. I polite nodded and asked her name. Diane, my new found friend. We stuck together through the whole walk. I waited for her to register even if I was already registered. She was a lady of 55 and full of words of wisdom. Now, I asked myself "why do I always make friends with people who are about my mother's age and never my own age?" It seems like I level with them more...

Needless to say, we finished the race with good time, a medal (well, everyone who crosses the finish line gets it! But I am still proud of it) and a new found friend! The Eagles were playing at the coliseum while we gathered our complimentary snack packs and water bottles. I saw the 2 guys that I was suppose to meet and they were still waiting for their other companions. I quickly said my hellos and introduced Diane them. They didn't think I made it there. Oh well... Diane and I decided to walk back together to the parking structure and exchanged contact info, promising each other that we'll walk again together. Must keep in touch...

When I got home... Gene and Eric (Gene's brother's son - our nephew) were playing X-Box... The rest of the afternoon were spend lazily and uneventful... Why do I let it so?


mother's day lunch @ san antonio winery Posted by Hello
Happy Mother's Day! I woke up early enough to prepared some potatoes for breakfast for Gene and Eric before I got ready to meet my sister to go to San Antonio Winery for our Mother's Day Brunch. Oh, and I made sure to call Gene's Mom and ask if she got the package I've sent from Cherry Moon Farms. I usually get her and my Mom flowers but this year, I got my in-law a farmer's basket with fresh fruits, healthy candies and a bottle of sparkling peach and my Mom a gardener's tote with hand-care products and tools. So were on the phone for a while with Mama Rose, she misses her dear son. She'll be in town for a couple weeks for the nephews' summer break.

Chi and I headed to meet my family at the winery's restaurant. It was crowded and we had to wait even with reservations. It was very pleasant inside despite the location. We all enjoyed the food, the wine and the company. My Mom devised a game for the kids! Four of us (myself and 2 sisters and cousin R-Jay, Marc and Aunt Olive didn't join the group). The party was consist of Mom and stepdad Pabs, Lola (Mom's Mom), Aunt Jho, Tito Rolly and R-Jay, sister Jhosel and daughter Dennyse, Chi and myself. Now, the game was to write a poem in Tagalog for Mother's Day. Jhosel and I started writing right away and R-Jay and Chi took some cajoling. R-Jay finally wrote one in English and Chi wrote a one-liner! Chi is taking the role of the rebellious one... Granted she was sick that day but she could have just let it be our Mother's Day... Whatever? One of us always take this role intermittently. I suppose, I should just let it be. Lola was suppose to judge, but being the Lola that she was, she wouldn't choose just one winner and insisted that we all won. Funny! The party was short and sweet, unlike when we have it at Mom's house. It was better that way. Part ways before we start having silly arguments amongst one another. We all ended up buying some wine... I hope Mom was happy! We just wanted it stress free. This was the most inexpensive we've done Mother's Day in the past years. But I believe it to be the most special, coz it ended without major arguments and NO tears were shed. Except Aunt Jho's when poems were read.

Home was uneventful specially coz Gene left quite early for band rehearsals. Me and Eric left at home watching movies. I would have had a kid his age if it weren't for my miscarriage back then. I have forgotten of that, except when I spend time with Eric who recently started questioning why I stuck around married with his uncle all these years despite of the many incidents. I wonder where kids get all this things from... So impressionable at 13!

Beth (sister-in-law and Eric's stepmom) picked him up at 8:30 p.m. I was all of a sudden overcome by melancholy once more....

I tried calling people but no one was available to talk...

What do I do with myself?

I painted... I painted the colors of my sadness... Another canvas was born out of my very own dominion over sorrow.