Friday, May 07, 2004

Today is another day...

I am on the verge of finishing 2 side projects that I want out of. Feeling of relief that it's almost finally over is bathing me with hope that this dark chapter of my life will be over soon.

The landlord case is over, we didn't win as forewarned by lawyers who told me that landlords always win in situations such as ours. Even if we have lost the case because of the unfair justice system. We know in our hearts that we lost fighting for our principles and we didn't just sit there and take it from them. It is a true malady of sorts but the knowledge of TRYING even in the hardest circumstance made us winners in our hearts. It still hurts to know the outcome of course, but we can finally put it behind us and move on. I still believe that there is better justice served in the afterlife.

Gene said the other night, "Don't worry baby, the worst is over, it'll start getting better from here..." I whispered, "Wake me up when it gets better..." He didn't hear that and it's better that way. The strength of this partnership was always with me and showing how weak I feel now will not help him conquer the battles we are fighting.

So many supportive words have been uttered and each have been appreciated in a hopeful day as today.

Tomorrow will be another day....