Tuesday, May 18, 2004

jumping ship

Last week I got an e-mail from an old friend who was also a previous employer. I worked with him at my second job here in L.A. I was an all around person in his ceramic studio. I mold, paint, glaze, gild and load the kilns. I also helped develop some design ideas for new pieces and did some packing, shipping and general office work. I enjoyed it alot even if it was alot of work. He was a great guy who was very supportive and fun to work with. The only problem is - that career in general does not pay well compared to architecture. So I had to leave and go back to architecture.

We lost touch and last year when I had the gallery, I found him again and sort of rekindle the friendship. I always make sure to leave employers in good terms and maintain a certain friendship with them that comes in handy most of the time.

He never went to the gallery because of his schedule on his own studio which have developed to something more exciting now.

I saw him last night and we caught up on life's stories and he told me alot of his plans about the studio and about opening more studios. He invited me to jump to his ship in a way I deem fit.

That was a welcome opportunity for me. I've been looking for ways to get out of full time architecture and start a new career in the arts, and ceramics is one of my passions in life. We could get to product development and such other exciting new facets of the arts.

I need to think this through and have some sort of proposal for him on how I want to join in. This could be the way out I have been waiting for. We'll see. We did not discuss money at all and that I hope will not be an issue.