Sunday, May 23, 2004

the BIG 3-0! weekend...


Got up at about 10 a.m. and saw that I had 12 missed calls on my cellphone. Chi and Aunt Jho and Mom have been calling me all morning!

Eric was on an early start playing his X-BOX and Gene was just getting up too.

I hurried and showered while Chi pcked up Aunt Jho from her Beverly Hills home. As I finished getting ready, they were outside waiting for me.

Gene arranged to follow after running a few errands that day and will bring Eric with him.

Instead of having steak n' eggs breakfast at Norm's and proceeding to my Mom's house to finish some painting... Mom called and said, "it's your birthday weekend, it's not right to make you paint today, just come over and we'll do something"... After a few phonecalls between family members, we proceeded straight to Mom's house in Carson where we had a yummilicious Pinoy meal consists of: rice, string beans in coconut milk, fried fish (galunggong, i think)and copped grren mangoes with thinly sliced tomatoes and bagoong (shrim paste). We then watched some old Pinoy movies (my Mom subscribed to TFC for my Lola). I was still in low spirits and bummed out and completely tired from the long hours this last week. Gene called and said he was ready to come over, when I asked him to pick up R-Jay and he said NO... I got more irritated and he said, if I was gonna act all pissy with him, he'd rather not come --- so I hang up on the bastard and he didn't show up. My dear family didn't let this ruin the day, they proceeded to make dinner plans with or without the bitter-half. We went to Nico's, a fancy french restaurant. That place was the bomb! The escargot was good and still in shells (but the one in Paris was better, of course). I ordered a seared scallops served with couscous and creme brulee for dessert.

We proceeded to a Kareoke Bar afterwards but it was only Jhosel and myself enjoying... everyone was pooped out! I love my family!

I got home and Gene and Eric were still playing X-Box.... ayayayayayayyyyyyyy

Since I got home at around 1:30 in the morning. I was tired and I overslept as usual. I was suppose to get up no later than 10 a.m. to do everything I wanted to accomplish on my special day. Since I know I had no money to go out of town like I planned to. I just decided to do some Architectural Home Tours. I had no money for that either, so I volunteered to docent on one of the homes. I got accepted and I was assigned the afternoon shift. There were four homes in that Sunday tour, so I figured if I give myself at least an hour or hour and a half, I'll see all four homes and go to my shift that starts at 1:15 p.m.

I left the house at 12 noon just in time when Melissa called and had a nice long chat with her while I drive. Of course, I can never go somewhere for the first time without getting lost. So I got lost. By the time I figured out where the hell I was, I was running out of gas. I didn't think my car would make it through all those hills if I don't fill up my tank, so I proceeded to look for a gas station... That wasted about all the time I had. I drove around each house and looked at the facades with much disappointed because I cannot see the inside. So stupid! I went to my shift and I was glad that it was the best house out of all the four. It was designed by LOh/a. Well published and house with amazing details. The four hours went by quick since I was digesting all the architectural details in the house and socializing with other folks who loved architecture.

I was starting to feel some pelvic & lower back pain but it was bearable.

I got home, rested a bit and got together with Chi. Chi, Gene & myself dropped off Eric at their house in West LA and went to Wild Thai (one of my favorite Thai restaurants). After the yummy meal and my blatant announcement to Gene of how bitter and resentfull I am of him. It was kind of rude that I did that in front of Chi and it surely shut him up of his attempts to reminisce the seven years I've lived in LA with him. Chi ignored it as usual to avoid embarrassing Gene further. We proceeded to watch a movie at the Bridge to see Van Helsing. It was very entertaining.

We got home and Gene and I watched Sopranos. If there is one thing Gene and I get along with, it's watching our favorite shows on tv....

Over all... people I loved made sure that I had a good weekend regardless of how low I was feeling. And that was the BIG 3-0 weekend.