Friday, April 09, 2004

Still PINOY even if...

So, I have 2 girls I call my bestfriends... Djhoana & Melissa. Djhoana is still in Manila, a single Mom who is in entertainment management and we became bestfriends in high school and then Melissa, who I met in the university and clicked with in a very bizarre way. Complete opposite with both but I somehow connect with both of them in the most amazing way.

Those who knew me for a long time, knows how seriously spoiled and snub I act most of the time and if you don't know me deeper than the surface, this is all you'd think of me.

Also, everyone knew how I wanted to move to America! In highschool, I even pretended to not speak Tagalog and stood by that even on my tagalog subjects. My poor teacher had to translate everything to me in english. It was seriously wacked but I was that crazy! One day, she had to call for my father because she had to do everything twice to accomodate my non-tagalog-speaking-bad-self!!! My Dad of course, who is at that point used to the trouble I cause all the time was flabbergasted with that news because as far as he was concerned --- I DO speak Tagalog and that I grew up in Manila and not Los Angeles as I proudly claimed. I was immediately sent to the guidance counselor for some serious guidance and therapy. Of course I maintained my crazy claim... The guidance counselor explained my behavior as being caused by drugs or something... I was hallucinatory most of the time!!! I have more highschool adventures but it is stirring away from the reason of this blog.

Shit! I forgot the whole point of what I was trying to say... I have to go, I just heard that Jhosel's at the hospital!