Monday, April 26, 2004

New do's in the Weekend

We all had a haircut! Gene had his shortest haircut ever...

Note to self - I have to take a picture of my new do hubby.

Picked up Asa from their Westwood hotel and met her husband and kid for the first time. I used to work with her in the Philippines at the office of Lor Calma. It was the best time of my employment life. Everyone was whacked!!! It was fun to see her again! We went to the Disney Concert Hall and took a bunch of pictures... We picked up Gene afterwards and went to dinner at Wild Thai... That was the most fun couple dinner Gene and I had for a while now...

Woke up really early to pick up Asa with Chi and go to mass at Our Lady of Angels Cathedral in Downtown L.A. It's the new Catholic Cathedral courtesy of Archbishop Mahony... It's the Catholic church's attempt to enter the new millennium with universality and modernist grandeur. The safest place in Los Angeles in case of earthquake becasue of its floating foundation. It felt good to go to mass after a long time of not going. I translated to Chi and Asa the architectural tour I had there when it first opened.

Then Chi an dI went to the Brentwood Art Festival. It was more relaxig being on the other side of the booths not stressing on how to make money that day to pay for the booth. We had lunch there and Gene met us infornt of the Jazz booth, where they play live Jazz music... It was fun and relaxed --- I wish we Dynn though.