Friday, April 02, 2004

Headshot anyone?....

Well... my April Fool's Day this year was lame. I just basically lied. I bought this new microwave and pretended it was an anniversary gift from the office yah right ----- can you say LAME?
But I got me a bitchin' new stainless steel microwave! To match my bitchin' stainless steel fridge! Too bad I had to give up my bitchin' stainless steel range! Lame apartment living (my range was electric and our new pad have gas hook-ups and they had a lamo gas cook top).

So last night, Gene got a call from a student film maker who wanted to use his car in his new production. For a fee of course! His car is a mint 1972 Plymouth Road Runner complete with the beep! beep! He was so happy and proud and ecstatic... yes! he was annoying! In his recent attempt to get a day job, he has been thinking of all this other ways to earn money without actually being someone's slave. Very hard to start working after living a rockstar lifestyle for so long. I feel for him. Anyway, he thought he'd look into some film extra gig. Now, I know I have not said anything good about my spouse... but if he is anything, he is a GREAT looking guy and an amazing guitar player and a very talented composer/producer. I am supportive of the film extra idea since, it's really right up his alley -- look good and not do much! Of course in this kind of venture you need good headshots. We do not have any of that for the past 7 years that we have been married. We have pictures, lots of them but not one that you can submit as a headshot. NOt having any money to get new headshots, he attempted to look in our digital files of pictures. He found one that he liked but I didn't think it he looked his best on it. It was so funny because I started playing with it in Photoshop, airbrushing and smudging his age lines. It is suppose to be Top Secret but Gene is turning 40 this month. Yes! 40! He still looks young and he is still good looking but there are indeed some age lines!!! OUCH!
I had him dig up old headshots and I mean OLD.... like headshots form 10 to 20 years ago. He looked the same but with wrinkles, actually - he looked more intellectual now..... I convinced him that those shot should work!

I just wish him LUCK.... like always