Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Gadget Girls

I have always been a gadget girl but after getting married medyo huli lagi (tend to be late with technology all of the time)...

Well, as of late, my sister Chi have made me tech hungry again. I was quite satisfied with my archaic cellphone having walkie-talkie feature as its greatest talent, but Chi got this new cellphone that will help my texting-challenged fingers to the MAX!!!

I have refused to text people because the way it works on normal cellphones just piss the hell out of me but then I saw the Sidekick from T-Mobile and it was love at first sight... I contemplated on switching from Nextel to T-Mobile eversince I saw it, but I was tied up to my contract till October. Then Chi was going to get it but the day she went to Jhosel's workplace to get it, she saw the Nokia 6820 and the Gadget Girl in her came out and she got it!

Now, I don't have single-white-female-syndrome (you know, from the movie...) but when I saw it, it was better than the Sidekick! So, what does the married-brown-pseudo-female do? Buy the exact same one! Ignored my contract, which meant paying the cancellation fee, but I had to weigh in my options...

Gadget Girl came out and the option I chose made more sense. Now, to make it justifiable to hubby... what do a Gadget Girl do? Get hubby a Nokia 3300!

Now, everyone is gadget happy!!!