Sunday, April 04, 2004

Daylight Saving Time BS

What kind of bullshit is DST? I hate it! It makes me lose 1 hour and gain it back in November. It's unnecessary and it's screws me up.

Specially when the weekend is as hectic as this one. Last Friday is Gene's official start as a club promoter. A new gig he decides to get involve with to gaiin new connections, have fun and earn a little money. It was pretty cool. We went to Joya and invited people from our chromaFlux guestlist. A few people showed up like Thea who I knew from the university (back in the PI). We never became friends, I don't even think that we exchange any hellos back then but we have one common denominator - Melissa! and that was enough to bring us together. She moved here 3 years ago (or was it 4?) and Melissa told me recently that she asked for my number when she first got here but Melissa hesitated to give it to here worried that I might not welcome the call. And when I found that out, I got her number and initiated contact. I invited her to one of my Life Drawing Sessions in my studio and Thea and I kept in touch after that. Now, I am asking myself why I waited all this years, she is fun person to be around with. I certainly enjoyed going dancing with her!

Anyway, a few other people showed up. My baby sister met a couple of guys and not without help with the other older sister who came out of her shell big time. Gene spanked my behind while I was shaking it and this other guy saw it and thought he could do the same. Tomy's sister had fun as well and this other very long haired guy who owns a graphic design company was dancing and he didn't look like the dancing type.

Before we went to Joya, We had dinner with Shelly and Chi. Shelly decided she didn't want to go to Joya after all.... okay, hello... I'm back tracking...

We left Joya as it aws closing, went home - took a shower (I had to wash off all the sweat from dancing--eeewwww).

Woke up a couple of hours later to go to my Mom's house to start re-painting the interiors. Mom's house is going through some major remodel and it is fun but freaky tiring as well. I started a wall in the living room plastering everything with lime paint. I stopped shortly before 8 0'clock on Saturday to go to Ikea with Aunt Jho who bought a platform bed for her Tempurpedic mattress (I'm green with envy)...... Gene had to leave before midnight to go the film debut of his car. His car got casted for a movie.

I woke up Sunday morning as Gene is getting home from the filming... I had to get up to drive the pick up transporting bed exchanges from one house to another and to meet the french finish carpenter who I chose to do my Mom's new fireplace mantel/entertainment cabinet and then start painting... Gene didn't get there to help me till 2:30 pm and he had to leave before 8... so much for doing it together....

Tiring weekend.... and on top of all that, I lost an hour because of the bullshit DST

...I need a massage!