Friday, April 23, 2004

The Big Mc

I have not checke dmy voicemail for like a week and I finally checked it. I had 2 important messages that I should have received last week. One was the lawyer I spoke to before calling me regarding her thoughts about the bank situation... I'll call her next week. And the other was the Big Mc. The Big Mc was a boss from 2 previous offices I have worked at. He is this adorable OLD guy (probably in his 70's) who everybody loves despite his penchant for silly green jokes. He have established at least 4 architectural firms that have all been very successful. I worked with 2 of those firms. He and I have grown close like a grandfather has a favorite grand daughter. I call him for career advice and he signs my side projects.

I returned his call and left him a mesage and he called back within 10 minutes. He was asking about the Euro Trip and just other stuff I am busy with and a project that we are trying to do together. He have started yet another office. This time, just wanting to be the architect he really wants to be... So 15 minutes into our phone conversation, we decided to meet for lunch. We went to Crocodile Cafe in Glendale, a midpoint between Pasadena and Burbank. He is so sweet. We didn't really even talk about work, we just talked about stuff over a glass of wine and lunch. He really geuinely wants to help me get out of this icky feeling. We talked about my marriage, my career, my goals, my problems. And I agree with him when he said that sometimes when we are feeling down, our body goes down with it, hence my neck problems. I told him "who needs a therapist, if they have a BigMc who pays for lunch?" We even took picturs of each other with our phones... How funny? He's a funny guy who's been around...

He fills that void that my Dad left... not that my Dad is gone, I just don't talk to him as often. He also makes me miss my Dad.

Oh, I just talk to my Dad the other day. I told him about everything that's been happening... I miss him!