Thursday, April 29, 2004

"An Architect's Curse"

(courtesy of chain e-mails)

You Have to learn to understand ARCHITECTS!
An ARCHITECT is never arrogant, is just that he is surrounded by useless people.
An ARCHITECT does not have a big ego, is just that the room is too small.
An ARCHITECT does not want to be always right, is just that the others are always wrong.
An ARCHITECT is not insensitive, is just that the others are cry babies.
An ARCHITECT does not have a messy life, he just has a unique lifestyle.
An ARCHITECT does not just see the world, he remodels it.
An ARCHITECT is not full of himself, is just that the simple mortals do not understand him.
An ARCHITECT is not cold and calculative, he just thinks its funny to walk all over the common people.
An ARCHITECT does not complicate things, is the users that do not understand anything.
An ARCHITECT is not a critic, is just that people's mistakes are soooooo obvious.
An ARCHITECT does not get absorbed by his work, he just has no life.
An ARCHITECT does not make mistakes, he's just testing to see if the others are paying attention.
ARCHITECTS do not think they are a big dear, THEY ARE!
But remember, being sooo close to perfection can be a burden...
Therefore, those of you who are not ARCHITECTS should try to understand these tortured souls trapped between genius and misunderstanding...