Thursday, April 01, 2004

April Fooled

April Fools Day! Who can I fool today? I ran out of shit to fool my hubby with. After seven years of wedded bliss (yah right?) -here's the list of my most successful fooling around on the day of the fools:

1. I told him I was pregnant! I played it for about a week until I got my period... I tried to say I had a miscarriage but I started laughing and that was the end of the joke.

2. I called him up and told him that I was cheating and that I fell in love with the other guy and that I am never coming home! This was a good one because it was so out of character that it really devastated him.

3. I came home crying and told him that after cashing my paycheck I was robbed! He got so mad and started yelling. Note to self --- don't ever use financial jokes... it's NOT funny.

4. I told him I filled for divorce and that he needs to pack up and leave immediately. He just ignored me and said a few hours later after he gave it some thought, 'I am not leaving!'

5. I scheduled a doctor's appointment one april fool's day morning and when I got home I told him that the doctor diagnosed me with some terminal illness and that my days on earth is counted. This made him real sad, too sad that I had to tell him a minute later that 'it was fool's day you fool!'

6. I tried the I'm leaving scheme again but it didn't work because I've used it one too many times even when it's not April Fool's Day!

Who's the fool now?

So the seventh year... I am out of shit to fool him with... Think... THINK.... THINK!!!