Monday, April 05, 2004

7 year itch

Today is our seventh year anniversary. That is LONG! Now, for people who knows me and how much I complain about Gene, they always ask 'why?'

Here is why... 15 reason I stay married:

1. If you are a girl, try to go back to your high school days when all you do is daydream about your Mr. Right. The guy I have been daydreaming of looks and sounds exactly like Gene.

2. After my last serious Pinoy boyfriend in the Philippines who I let impregnate me, the thought of Gene in my future kept me from doing anything stupid!

3. His letters kept me sane during my undergraduate thesis months. My bestfriend AnP knows this all too well.

4. He married me like he promisingly joked about in his letters to me when we were just merely friends.

5. He got me out of a nasty drinking habit which I would never admit as alcoholism.

6. No matter how difficult it gets between the two of us, the word divorce was never part of his vocabulary.

7. He is super affectionate.

8. He usually cooks for me.

9. He gives me massages almost every night.

10. I can see he loves me in his own special weird way.

11. He gives me freedom.

12. When I look at him, I can see a resemblance to my number one crush Johnny Depp!

13. He keeps my dreams alive!

14. It's nice to go out dancing and look at all this losers and know that it's okay, you have a husband waiting for you at home.

15. It's nice to know that when you get horny, you have a husband waiting for you in the bedroom. *lol*

And of course... not to mention --- I am still insanely in love with him no matter what I say.

A poem I wrote after we got married:

There is only one thing I am sure of
to my husband - Gene

When I first saw the glimmer in your eyes
I knew then, what I know now,
And there was only one thing I was sure of...
When you first planted that tender kiss onto my lips,
I felt then, what I feel now;
And there was only one thing I was sure of...
When we first venture the world of pure intimacy,
I was ecstatic then, as I am now;
And there was one thing I was sure of...
When I walked down the aisle to give you my life,
I felt so glorious, and indeed I was;
And there was one thing I was extremely sure of...
When we exchanged vows and proclaimed, "I do,"
I knew this was going to be an eternal love;
And there is only one thing I am still so sure of...
That in this world full of confusion and chaotic madness,
You are the one. . .the only one. . .
I am ever so willing to love and share the rest of my life with;
You are my light, my soul, the fountain of my glee. . .
And that I am certainly sure of!

Jhoiey Ramirez Duarte
Copyright ©2004 Jhoiey Ramirez Duarte

This year we didn't go on vacation for our anniversary because we are going through some turmoil personal & professional... but we are still together despite of......