Thursday, April 29, 2004

"An Architect's Curse"

(courtesy of chain e-mails)

You Have to learn to understand ARCHITECTS!
An ARCHITECT is never arrogant, is just that he is surrounded by useless people.
An ARCHITECT does not have a big ego, is just that the room is too small.
An ARCHITECT does not want to be always right, is just that the others are always wrong.
An ARCHITECT is not insensitive, is just that the others are cry babies.
An ARCHITECT does not have a messy life, he just has a unique lifestyle.
An ARCHITECT does not just see the world, he remodels it.
An ARCHITECT is not full of himself, is just that the simple mortals do not understand him.
An ARCHITECT is not cold and calculative, he just thinks its funny to walk all over the common people.
An ARCHITECT does not complicate things, is the users that do not understand anything.
An ARCHITECT is not a critic, is just that people's mistakes are soooooo obvious.
An ARCHITECT does not get absorbed by his work, he just has no life.
An ARCHITECT does not make mistakes, he's just testing to see if the others are paying attention.
ARCHITECTS do not think they are a big dear, THEY ARE!
But remember, being sooo close to perfection can be a burden...
Therefore, those of you who are not ARCHITECTS should try to understand these tortured souls trapped between genius and misunderstanding...

Monday, April 26, 2004

New do's in the Weekend

We all had a haircut! Gene had his shortest haircut ever...

Note to self - I have to take a picture of my new do hubby.

Picked up Asa from their Westwood hotel and met her husband and kid for the first time. I used to work with her in the Philippines at the office of Lor Calma. It was the best time of my employment life. Everyone was whacked!!! It was fun to see her again! We went to the Disney Concert Hall and took a bunch of pictures... We picked up Gene afterwards and went to dinner at Wild Thai... That was the most fun couple dinner Gene and I had for a while now...

Woke up really early to pick up Asa with Chi and go to mass at Our Lady of Angels Cathedral in Downtown L.A. It's the new Catholic Cathedral courtesy of Archbishop Mahony... It's the Catholic church's attempt to enter the new millennium with universality and modernist grandeur. The safest place in Los Angeles in case of earthquake becasue of its floating foundation. It felt good to go to mass after a long time of not going. I translated to Chi and Asa the architectural tour I had there when it first opened.

Then Chi an dI went to the Brentwood Art Festival. It was more relaxig being on the other side of the booths not stressing on how to make money that day to pay for the booth. We had lunch there and Gene met us infornt of the Jazz booth, where they play live Jazz music... It was fun and relaxed --- I wish we Dynn though.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Shake D' Booty

Friday night out! We went to Joya. Gene, myself, Chi, Jhosel, Aunt Jho & Aunt Majel. When we got there, the 2 Aunts were having a very naughty conversation about male sizes and then we focused our attention to this really cute guy wearing white pants and a red bohemian top. He had long hair and it was pulled to a bun. When we got up to the dance floor and started dancing, we saw him with a couple of friends and Chi was just out to get him. We were circling him... Gene was doing his rounds like always while I am sweating my ass off. I will never get Gene to dance with me... Anyways, when we go out like this, I always decline dancing to any guy, just coz----

It was different this Friday, Jeff (the cute guy) was so yummable and Chi was making her moves and he was getting into it... As we are circling him, as in all of us girls... I found myself dancing with him and I mean dancing and the only time I got tempted to dance that kind of moves with another guy, who saw me? Gene!!! How freakin' embarassing! It's not like it's going anywhere after that, but I still would prefer that he didn't see that. Now, he would think that I maybe doing that all the time I go dancing, which of course is false... not that I am being defensive...

So, what does one do when caught doing something entirely naughty? Find something to get mad before the hubby gets mad...

Yeah, I am not really the jealous kind and everybody who really knows me knows this. I can be jealous with friends but I am not a needy green monster with my male relationship, specially with the extra assurance of being married. So I am used to seeing Gene flirting with girls. It comes with the whole musician territory. But after knowing what he saw with me... I found myslef nagging and almost making a stupid scene when I saw this girl in the club trying to pull Gene to her... I am not going to get graphic but... I made sure she knows I was there and he is mine. I felt like an idiot afterwards... But I had to back up my actions...

Next time I shake my booty, I'll make sure nobody is looking.

It did make the bedroom a little exciting afterwards.... hehehehehe... naughtie-naughty

Friday, April 23, 2004

The Big Mc

I have not checke dmy voicemail for like a week and I finally checked it. I had 2 important messages that I should have received last week. One was the lawyer I spoke to before calling me regarding her thoughts about the bank situation... I'll call her next week. And the other was the Big Mc. The Big Mc was a boss from 2 previous offices I have worked at. He is this adorable OLD guy (probably in his 70's) who everybody loves despite his penchant for silly green jokes. He have established at least 4 architectural firms that have all been very successful. I worked with 2 of those firms. He and I have grown close like a grandfather has a favorite grand daughter. I call him for career advice and he signs my side projects.

I returned his call and left him a mesage and he called back within 10 minutes. He was asking about the Euro Trip and just other stuff I am busy with and a project that we are trying to do together. He have started yet another office. This time, just wanting to be the architect he really wants to be... So 15 minutes into our phone conversation, we decided to meet for lunch. We went to Crocodile Cafe in Glendale, a midpoint between Pasadena and Burbank. He is so sweet. We didn't really even talk about work, we just talked about stuff over a glass of wine and lunch. He really geuinely wants to help me get out of this icky feeling. We talked about my marriage, my career, my goals, my problems. And I agree with him when he said that sometimes when we are feeling down, our body goes down with it, hence my neck problems. I told him "who needs a therapist, if they have a BigMc who pays for lunch?" We even took picturs of each other with our phones... How funny? He's a funny guy who's been around...

He fills that void that my Dad left... not that my Dad is gone, I just don't talk to him as often. He also makes me miss my Dad.

Oh, I just talk to my Dad the other day. I told him about everything that's been happening... I miss him!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

...Pain in the Neck...

So I went to see a neuro-surgeon and brought the MRI films with me, turns out it wasn't herneated disc that was wrong with me, it was 2 bulging discs and a reverse curve on the upper part of my spine. Great! Now, I have to wear a neck brace as often as possible and do traction therapy 4 times a day for 20 minutes or as much as possible...

Life is just so peachy I could puke.

No wonder I'm depressed...

You know those radio commercials about clinical trials for depression... "Are you always tired and fatigued? Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you full of anxiety? Are you lacking energy or motivation? You may be qualified to join the clinical trial for depression... You'll get free psychiatric evaluation..." So, you hear this commercial and you think, shit! I guess I AM FUCKING DEPRESSED! Now, should I join the rest of America and be legally drugged all the time for the rest of my life, so I can believe that I am happy? Fuck that! There must be something else that I could indulge myself with... But today I'm thinking... Maybe it won't be too bad to succumb to chemicals to make me happy...

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Gadget Girls

I have always been a gadget girl but after getting married medyo huli lagi (tend to be late with technology all of the time)...

Well, as of late, my sister Chi have made me tech hungry again. I was quite satisfied with my archaic cellphone having walkie-talkie feature as its greatest talent, but Chi got this new cellphone that will help my texting-challenged fingers to the MAX!!!

I have refused to text people because the way it works on normal cellphones just piss the hell out of me but then I saw the Sidekick from T-Mobile and it was love at first sight... I contemplated on switching from Nextel to T-Mobile eversince I saw it, but I was tied up to my contract till October. Then Chi was going to get it but the day she went to Jhosel's workplace to get it, she saw the Nokia 6820 and the Gadget Girl in her came out and she got it!

Now, I don't have single-white-female-syndrome (you know, from the movie...) but when I saw it, it was better than the Sidekick! So, what does the married-brown-pseudo-female do? Buy the exact same one! Ignored my contract, which meant paying the cancellation fee, but I had to weigh in my options...

Gadget Girl came out and the option I chose made more sense. Now, to make it justifiable to hubby... what do a Gadget Girl do? Get hubby a Nokia 3300!

Now, everyone is gadget happy!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Monday Night Blues

Submitted to West LA building department in the morning... went to work... submitted to Beverly Hills planning department in tha afternoon... went home... went jogging with Chi - half way to where I want to go, Chi decided to start heading back, good thing because I was planning to call Gene in case it gets dark and we get tired but then, on our way back, he called me asking me to pick him up from Beverly Hills where he had a meeting with the Joya folks... Mom called and said there were tons of food at her house, so we went there after picking up and dropping of Gene... I ate all that calories I burnt jogging - and then some... Dynn was cute of course and everytime I sit down, she slapps my butt to start doing hte silly dance she was trying to copy, she is still playing with the toy we got her...

Got home ate some more and felt miserable...

Friday Night

Friday off today and ended up working for that side job I have to absolutely finish.... Took a break in the afternoon to walk with Gene to the Jamba Juice along Wilshire....tried to take a nap but ended up working some more....

We were suppose to go to Joya after we dropped by Brion's & Amanda's and Lee's & Jennifer's but ended up staying there longer than we intended. Brion is going to the Honduras to get some of their stuff back in LA, and Amanda was planning her Las Vegas weekend to attend some industry convention... we were all pretty down than we are normally, everyone's having some money issues, i guess... Lee and Jen were with Jason editing the music video we did some shoot for... Pretty funny seeing myself in a music video, I have some close-up shots and Gene looked pretty good on it.... I hope it gets released...

It got pretty late and we ended up not going to Joya, Chi fell asleep waiting. Gene had to stilll go of course... I kind of regretted not going because I just stayed home and do nothing... But I looked fat and had a difficult time deciding what to wear, so I opted to stay home...

Sunday, April 18, 2004

playing Mom...

I woke up at 10 a.m. last Saturday and called Chi to see if she wanted to go to our YAS class and she said, she was on her way to pick up our niece Dynn and so I kind of went back to being half asleep until my phone rang at around noon and it was Chi as king me if I am ready to play Mom. I try to see Dynn as much as I can but I have only had her by myself just once when I still had a gallery and she was just starting to learn how to walk.
So I got up my lazy butt and took a shower and wear comfortable clothes and proceeded to meet them at Chi's play house four building away from my place. To Dynn, I am not a Mom nor an Aunt but a playmate... she starts jumping up and down ready to be chased when she sees me.

It was a hard decision where to take her, since I do not want her to grow up a shopper. No malls, I said - we thought of bringing her to the Children's Science Center and Natural Art Museum near the Coliseum at USC but it was a nice day, the beach was another oprion but she didn't have her bathing suit... So we ended up at Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica - yeah NO MALLS! We decided to take her to Toys R Us and on the way there from where we parked at the MALL... we passed by the FCUK store and they had big speakers outside the store playing trance music to advertise their new radio station... Dynn wanted out of her stroller, so I unstrapped her and she started dancing, we stood there for like a good 15 minutes just watching her dance. Then we continue o walking and when we got to Toys R US, she went crazy running from one thing to another, we almost got her a pink bike! After about an hour in there, we decided on a few things, like an educational touch screen toy, an extra tape for it, a new umrella stroller with sunshade, PINK diaper bag, toiletries and some sunscreen for when we go to the beach. She rode a few different bikes and a horse thingy and played with a big ball she was trying to toss to a little boy she wanted to follow around (already!)... we were famish from running after her... On our way to the cashier, she saw an inflatable pool with water toys floating, she was pulling up her shirt like she does when she is about to step to her bath tub... How freaking adorable!
Back to the Promenade, we went to lunch at Yangtze a fusion restaurant of Thai and Japanese... yum! Dynn was playing with her toy as we were chowing down and she ate a few bites with chopsticks... It was Earth Day at the Promenade so there were more booths and entertainment than their usual Saturdays. By the front of the restaurant was this techno band playing live and people dancing around with hula hoops in front of the stage... that's exactly where we went after the yummy lunch... And Dynn once again danced. I won't be surprised if I find her picture in some west side local news paper as alot of photographers took her picture. When an attack of shyness get her, she comes to me and calls me Momma with open arms wanted to be picked up and I would and we would dance together. When she finally got tired, we went buy her a bathing suit so we could take advantage of the sun (it was raining everywhere else in SoCal)... Mind you, when she is in a clothing store place, she knows how to let you know what she likes and she is quite picky...

We got home, we changed to our bathing suits and went to the pool and she LOVED it! The jacuzii had warmer water and smaller area, so that's where I dipped her... When it was time to dry up, Chi was ready to wrap her in a towel and she was shaking her lettle head and saying "uh-uh" with her fingers motioning the same. It was the funniest thing. We finally got her out sionce it was starting to get cold and took her shower and we went to Chi's to watch Moogli in the movie "Jungle Book" - she was copying the monkey sounds.... that's when I had to go home because Gene is calling me --- his brother's family is outside picking us up to go to a Duarte family dinner... I had to say goodbye to Dynn once again...

This are the times I wish I was a real Mom...

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Gene's BIG 4...0...

I didn't even have a gift... I don't know what to get him anymore... Actually, I didn't have any money to get him anything.... I took him to dinner at this Japanese barbecue place in La Cienega (Beverly Hills) called Gyo-Kaku. Very nice place, they use a special coal to in the individual table grills. Like a good wife (sometimes) I cooked most of the time and placed it on his sauce bowl... He liked that, since he usually would be the one doing that. We made a toast on his special day with cold sake. I told our server it was his birthday, so they did their embarrassing song number making the whole restaurant sing with them... There was a starlet filming her documentary and the camera man filmed Gene all embarrassed about the birthday song. It was fun! I hope I made it more special than that, but given my present resources... it was hard. The only true gift I could give him is my continues devotion no matter what, and at the end of the day --- that's what really matters...

Monday, April 12, 2004

Plastering versus Painting

I owe my Mom quite a bit of money and since she has been wanting to remodel her house, I decided to offer my professional services to pay of the money I owe... So this past weekend, we have finished the first part of the major change. We painted the Living Room, Dining/Kitchen & Family Room. My husband kept of saying that it was not painting, it was plastering. We used this very high end Lime Paint/Venetian Plaster that is steel trowel applied... Quite hard I have to admit but looks great! Something that can be added to the portfolio. The color scheme came out spectacular and I have proven once again that Gene loves me even if he constantly complained, he did do it with me like he promised even if I didn't even asked him. My Mom helped a lot which I feel bad about because I was suppose to do the whole thing. Aside from the relief that I paid my debt fairly, I am also glad that I was able help my Mom with this remodel (even if she worked as hard, even harder than I did) --- and I am so not writing this coz she might read it but the thought went to my mind...

I was happy too that we spent Easter at Mom's (with Gene!) and I got to play Mommy a little bit... Dennyse is sooo spoiled but so yummilicious. We took a bath together and she was copying how I was scrubbing with a bath sponge... I was the cutest thing...

Gene met Jhosel's new Barney too! It was so funny how he reacted... Like he was a Kuya who do not agree with the whole divorce/new guy thing... I wonder what he was really thinking... We put the new barney to work though-- huh! Early initiation of the neophyte who thinks he wants to be a part of the powerhouse of a family made of very strong, demanding women!!! Gene hesitated for the longest time but now he is slowly realizing, if you want to keep the woman, you have to keep the family involved!!!

Good, tiring, productive weekend... We are the Weekend Warriors!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Still PINOY even if...

So, I have 2 girls I call my bestfriends... Djhoana & Melissa. Djhoana is still in Manila, a single Mom who is in entertainment management and we became bestfriends in high school and then Melissa, who I met in the university and clicked with in a very bizarre way. Complete opposite with both but I somehow connect with both of them in the most amazing way.

Those who knew me for a long time, knows how seriously spoiled and snub I act most of the time and if you don't know me deeper than the surface, this is all you'd think of me.

Also, everyone knew how I wanted to move to America! In highschool, I even pretended to not speak Tagalog and stood by that even on my tagalog subjects. My poor teacher had to translate everything to me in english. It was seriously wacked but I was that crazy! One day, she had to call for my father because she had to do everything twice to accomodate my non-tagalog-speaking-bad-self!!! My Dad of course, who is at that point used to the trouble I cause all the time was flabbergasted with that news because as far as he was concerned --- I DO speak Tagalog and that I grew up in Manila and not Los Angeles as I proudly claimed. I was immediately sent to the guidance counselor for some serious guidance and therapy. Of course I maintained my crazy claim... The guidance counselor explained my behavior as being caused by drugs or something... I was hallucinatory most of the time!!! I have more highschool adventures but it is stirring away from the reason of this blog.

Shit! I forgot the whole point of what I was trying to say... I have to go, I just heard that Jhosel's at the hospital!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Things Learned the Hard Way:

The Darkside Queen e-mailed this to me yesterday and she specifically dedicated #9 to me:

1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on
the same night.

2. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has
not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be

3. There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

4. People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want
you to share yours with them.

5. You should not confuse your career with your life.

6. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

7. Never lick a steak knife.

8. The most destructive force in the universe is gossip.

9. You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight savings time.

10. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests
that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging
from her at that moment.

11. There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age eleven.

12. The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender,
religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside,
we ALL believe that we are above average drivers.

13. A person, who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice
person. (This is very important. Pay attention. It never fails.)

14. Your friends love you anyway.

15. Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built
the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic..

Braggin' Rights...

I was in San Francisco yesterday for an all day meeting. Our clients office was a whole block along Embarcadero and Folsom. Their office was architecturally "okay" but when you go in... the lobby have a 6-storey high Richard Serra metal sculpture and pop art on every wall niche, the CEO's own collection... un-freakin'-believable! The views from the building was nothing less than amazing and their cafe had outdoor seating staring at the bay and a big bow and arrow sculpture across the street where they dedicated a park! Even the food selection in their cafe was sooo good!

Of course when I know I am going to a meeting, I am always dressed for it. With matching purse and high heels (even when after my doctor said no more than an inch heels for me). We got off the plane and took the BART and walked 6 blocks... I was with another PM and our boss who are both about 6' tall. No matter how fast I tried to walk, their strides are too long for me to catch up! When we get there, the other ladies in the meeting were wearing flip-flops... What the hell? Is Frisco really that casual? Coz I know LA is not!

We flew American and I was nostalgic and happy that I had bragging rights, I had to point to my boss thE items I specifically designed... Just coz of that, my 5am-9pm day was worth it...

I miss doing big, meaningful projects...

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Dazed & Confused

So here I am sitting at my workstation, working only 60% of the time, the other 40% - I'm surfing the net and trying to figure out how to get out of the mood I've had since I closed my business... depressed!

I made an appointment with a neurosurgeon for my neck problems and I am hoping he would advise me to get of work for at least a month, if not longer. I just need a long break to see where I am at in my life and where I am heading. Right now, I am confused and tired all the time. This very moment, to function - I am taking 2 over-the-counter pain pills every 3 hours, this makes my brain a little cloudy.

I want to apply for another job but I am afraid to start a job feeling this way, I may not be able to give my best. It could also be that my self-esteem is a little on the low side because I know I haven't been putting any effort at work and I know that, that ain't gonna fly with new employment.

I just need a break!

Anniv Dinner

We went to Monty's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Shishifoofoo place might I add. My mother gave us a gift certificate for it. The food was yummy! We had crabcakes for appetizers, prime rib for the entree, mash potato and sauteed mushroom & spinach for the side dishes adn of course champagne for our toast. We didn't get full to capacity, so we could still gobble up some dessert. We ordered a capuccino and a velvet chocolate cake (just the thought of it makes my mouth water) and they served up complimentary shots of Bailey's... Uh-uh-uh-uh-ummmmmm...
Then we went home and watch The Sopranos...

This is the first time we stayed in town for the annversary, the Death Valley trip got pushed away because we both had commitments over the weekend. We will wait till summer to maybe go to Zion National Park in Utah and maybe visit his folks who moved there 5 years ago...

Is this really what happens to marriage after a while? It becomes uneventful....

As long as we are together, I guess....

Monday, April 05, 2004

7 year itch

Today is our seventh year anniversary. That is LONG! Now, for people who knows me and how much I complain about Gene, they always ask 'why?'

Here is why... 15 reason I stay married:

1. If you are a girl, try to go back to your high school days when all you do is daydream about your Mr. Right. The guy I have been daydreaming of looks and sounds exactly like Gene.

2. After my last serious Pinoy boyfriend in the Philippines who I let impregnate me, the thought of Gene in my future kept me from doing anything stupid!

3. His letters kept me sane during my undergraduate thesis months. My bestfriend AnP knows this all too well.

4. He married me like he promisingly joked about in his letters to me when we were just merely friends.

5. He got me out of a nasty drinking habit which I would never admit as alcoholism.

6. No matter how difficult it gets between the two of us, the word divorce was never part of his vocabulary.

7. He is super affectionate.

8. He usually cooks for me.

9. He gives me massages almost every night.

10. I can see he loves me in his own special weird way.

11. He gives me freedom.

12. When I look at him, I can see a resemblance to my number one crush Johnny Depp!

13. He keeps my dreams alive!

14. It's nice to go out dancing and look at all this losers and know that it's okay, you have a husband waiting for you at home.

15. It's nice to know that when you get horny, you have a husband waiting for you in the bedroom. *lol*

And of course... not to mention --- I am still insanely in love with him no matter what I say.

A poem I wrote after we got married:

There is only one thing I am sure of
to my husband - Gene

When I first saw the glimmer in your eyes
I knew then, what I know now,
And there was only one thing I was sure of...
When you first planted that tender kiss onto my lips,
I felt then, what I feel now;
And there was only one thing I was sure of...
When we first venture the world of pure intimacy,
I was ecstatic then, as I am now;
And there was one thing I was sure of...
When I walked down the aisle to give you my life,
I felt so glorious, and indeed I was;
And there was one thing I was extremely sure of...
When we exchanged vows and proclaimed, "I do,"
I knew this was going to be an eternal love;
And there is only one thing I am still so sure of...
That in this world full of confusion and chaotic madness,
You are the one. . .the only one. . .
I am ever so willing to love and share the rest of my life with;
You are my light, my soul, the fountain of my glee. . .
And that I am certainly sure of!

Jhoiey Ramirez Duarte
Copyright ©2004 Jhoiey Ramirez Duarte

This year we didn't go on vacation for our anniversary because we are going through some turmoil personal & professional... but we are still together despite of......

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Daylight Saving Time BS

What kind of bullshit is DST? I hate it! It makes me lose 1 hour and gain it back in November. It's unnecessary and it's screws me up.

Specially when the weekend is as hectic as this one. Last Friday is Gene's official start as a club promoter. A new gig he decides to get involve with to gaiin new connections, have fun and earn a little money. It was pretty cool. We went to Joya and invited people from our chromaFlux guestlist. A few people showed up like Thea who I knew from the university (back in the PI). We never became friends, I don't even think that we exchange any hellos back then but we have one common denominator - Melissa! and that was enough to bring us together. She moved here 3 years ago (or was it 4?) and Melissa told me recently that she asked for my number when she first got here but Melissa hesitated to give it to here worried that I might not welcome the call. And when I found that out, I got her number and initiated contact. I invited her to one of my Life Drawing Sessions in my studio and Thea and I kept in touch after that. Now, I am asking myself why I waited all this years, she is fun person to be around with. I certainly enjoyed going dancing with her!

Anyway, a few other people showed up. My baby sister met a couple of guys and not without help with the other older sister who came out of her shell big time. Gene spanked my behind while I was shaking it and this other guy saw it and thought he could do the same. Tomy's sister had fun as well and this other very long haired guy who owns a graphic design company was dancing and he didn't look like the dancing type.

Before we went to Joya, We had dinner with Shelly and Chi. Shelly decided she didn't want to go to Joya after all.... okay, hello... I'm back tracking...

We left Joya as it aws closing, went home - took a shower (I had to wash off all the sweat from dancing--eeewwww).

Woke up a couple of hours later to go to my Mom's house to start re-painting the interiors. Mom's house is going through some major remodel and it is fun but freaky tiring as well. I started a wall in the living room plastering everything with lime paint. I stopped shortly before 8 0'clock on Saturday to go to Ikea with Aunt Jho who bought a platform bed for her Tempurpedic mattress (I'm green with envy)...... Gene had to leave before midnight to go the film debut of his car. His car got casted for a movie.

I woke up Sunday morning as Gene is getting home from the filming... I had to get up to drive the pick up transporting bed exchanges from one house to another and to meet the french finish carpenter who I chose to do my Mom's new fireplace mantel/entertainment cabinet and then start painting... Gene didn't get there to help me till 2:30 pm and he had to leave before 8... so much for doing it together....

Tiring weekend.... and on top of all that, I lost an hour because of the bullshit DST

...I need a massage!

Friday, April 02, 2004

Headshot anyone?....

Well... my April Fool's Day this year was lame. I just basically lied. I bought this new microwave and pretended it was an anniversary gift from the office yah right ----- can you say LAME?
But I got me a bitchin' new stainless steel microwave! To match my bitchin' stainless steel fridge! Too bad I had to give up my bitchin' stainless steel range! Lame apartment living (my range was electric and our new pad have gas hook-ups and they had a lamo gas cook top).

So last night, Gene got a call from a student film maker who wanted to use his car in his new production. For a fee of course! His car is a mint 1972 Plymouth Road Runner complete with the beep! beep! He was so happy and proud and ecstatic... yes! he was annoying! In his recent attempt to get a day job, he has been thinking of all this other ways to earn money without actually being someone's slave. Very hard to start working after living a rockstar lifestyle for so long. I feel for him. Anyway, he thought he'd look into some film extra gig. Now, I know I have not said anything good about my spouse... but if he is anything, he is a GREAT looking guy and an amazing guitar player and a very talented composer/producer. I am supportive of the film extra idea since, it's really right up his alley -- look good and not do much! Of course in this kind of venture you need good headshots. We do not have any of that for the past 7 years that we have been married. We have pictures, lots of them but not one that you can submit as a headshot. NOt having any money to get new headshots, he attempted to look in our digital files of pictures. He found one that he liked but I didn't think it he looked his best on it. It was so funny because I started playing with it in Photoshop, airbrushing and smudging his age lines. It is suppose to be Top Secret but Gene is turning 40 this month. Yes! 40! He still looks young and he is still good looking but there are indeed some age lines!!! OUCH!
I had him dig up old headshots and I mean OLD.... like headshots form 10 to 20 years ago. He looked the same but with wrinkles, actually - he looked more intellectual now..... I convinced him that those shot should work!

I just wish him LUCK.... like always

Thursday, April 01, 2004

April Fooled

April Fools Day! Who can I fool today? I ran out of shit to fool my hubby with. After seven years of wedded bliss (yah right?) -here's the list of my most successful fooling around on the day of the fools:

1. I told him I was pregnant! I played it for about a week until I got my period... I tried to say I had a miscarriage but I started laughing and that was the end of the joke.

2. I called him up and told him that I was cheating and that I fell in love with the other guy and that I am never coming home! This was a good one because it was so out of character that it really devastated him.

3. I came home crying and told him that after cashing my paycheck I was robbed! He got so mad and started yelling. Note to self --- don't ever use financial jokes... it's NOT funny.

4. I told him I filled for divorce and that he needs to pack up and leave immediately. He just ignored me and said a few hours later after he gave it some thought, 'I am not leaving!'

5. I scheduled a doctor's appointment one april fool's day morning and when I got home I told him that the doctor diagnosed me with some terminal illness and that my days on earth is counted. This made him real sad, too sad that I had to tell him a minute later that 'it was fool's day you fool!'

6. I tried the I'm leaving scheme again but it didn't work because I've used it one too many times even when it's not April Fool's Day!

Who's the fool now?

So the seventh year... I am out of shit to fool him with... Think... THINK.... THINK!!!