Monday, March 01, 2004

This past weekend was even more hell than the last. The bank officially closed our account and is investigating me instead of what has happened. They called my Mom who issued me a check after the ex-landlord cashed an old check. She did that to help me out, so the checks I issued will go through fine. Of course, not knowing that it will be held hostage by the bank like the rest of my own money. They called her to see if she will honor that check, so she said NO and they asked, does that mean yuor daughter forged that check?!!!! What the hell! So my Mom got all hysterical with the person that called her.

But the worst thing was that, my husband didn't seem to give a damn when I said - SET ME FREE IF YOU CAN'T GIVE WHAT I NEED - he simply said... ok... need i say more?