Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Pain In The NECK

I finally got a call from my doctor... The result of the MRI I so unhappily paid for came back... I have 2 herniated discs in my neck and she referred me to a neurosurgeon - great! another doctor's bill to pay for. I sometimes wonder what the friggin' insurance is for? I am still suffering from expensive medical bills. I question the stupid auto insurance as well? But that is another discussion by itself!!!

At least when she called, she called me at work. Now the person here at work doubting about my numerous doctor's appointment excuse have proven itself to be true. The doctor actually called me! I have been suffering from a debilitating pain on my neck and left shoulders. Sometimes the pain get so bad, it numbs or worse paralizes my extremities. It is that BAD! Of course it was an excuse to get a never ending prescription of Vicodin, otherwise referred to by the hubby as "happy pill!" but even the happy pill have failed to make me painless lately. So, I decide to change doctors and get a valuable second opinion. Finally, a doctor who required an expensive MRI rather than touching the painful area, asking me a million question and not believing my response and telling me that everything seemed normal, that it's probably just stress related. HELLO? Who isn't stressed in our modern day society? Some of this doctor's are so smart, they think you are inventing your symptoms.

So my new doctor, who I learned to love in the short time we have been together, made me spend money I don't have but have proven that my pain have a root cause. Herniated DiscS... Ouch! She said that the neuro surgeon will have to identify the best course of action but she recommends traction treatments rather than surgery. So, I did my research and found out what people with the same diagnosis feel about different courses of action. Most people who underwent surgery had adverse effects and suffered from more pain than before. Sadly, it's something that needs regular maintenance specially for older folks...

I have to schedule a trip to the neurosurgeon... money... where to get money?

I told my husband when I got home... "you know what this means? I can't overwork myself! and I can't be carrying anything heavy!" He laughs... and nods...