Monday, March 15, 2004

Let me start with seeing Melissa after seven long years...
It was amazing, it was like seeing her everyday. The connection was still strong. Although she have grown to a mother but she is as fun as I remembered her.

The ten things I really like about her - and why:
1. She is such a genuine person. She have no false pretenses in her.
2. She is very generous. When she gives, she gives.
3. She is very honest. She never sugar coats what she needs to tell me.
4. She remembers. She remember things about me that most people forgets.
5. She is very accepting. She still loves me no matter who I have become.
6. She is fun loving. She always sees something funny in every situation.
7. She is so smart. We always manage to have intellectual conversations.
8. She is spontaneous. Even with a baby, she still manages to be her spontaneous self.
9. She is so PINOY. It cracks me up!
10. She is so sincere. It breaks my heart to not have her by my side because she is so sincere.

I can think of ten more things but I am too lazy to do so. Besides, I don't want her head all blown up by my admiration. I am so glad she found the perfect mate for her. The two of them complement each other like tea and honey. I have never seen her bloom like I have seen her with him and they have a son to prove it. Watching the two of them together makes me understand why we chose to be half a globe apart. He is so good to her and it is so transparent. And their baby is the most adorable thing (except of course when compared to Dynny-JP's future girlffiend and my favorite niece!). She made me feel me again. I miss her immensely and this I promise to myself and her --- I will not let another seven years pass without seeing her again.

I have to make a consistent effort to keep in touch with past friends who have remain good ones through the years even without constant interaction. Like Melissa - of course, Djhoana, Leah, Julie, Obee, Ricky and other ones than have been instrumental to my growth as a person. And to cherish the new ones who are making me who I am right now - Lydia, Jenny, Anna, Diana & Shelly amongst the rest. To all my friends - thank you!

Seeing Melissa again, brought back the feeling of friendship to a whole new different level. Thanks!