Saturday, March 27, 2004

It was a busy Saturday, spent with the Mom! Chi and I went there particularly early hoping we could leave just in time to make our YAS class (half hour spinning and half hour yoga combination class). Of course, we never learned because that never happens. We were there by quarter till 9 to meet with this lady who contracts stair remodels. I am doing my Mom's home remodel to pay for some debts I accrued with her during my dilemna months. After the meeting which I though went particularly well. My Mom kept on bragging about this vietnamese sandwich place in Westminster. I mean, she would not shut up about it and we actually ended up driving all the way there to try the sandwich place. They were good sandwiches, I must admit and of course you have to trust my Mom when it comes to stuff like that.

After we have devoured our 10" baguettes, we had to buy extras to take home because it was so delicious. It was located in this big ASIAN MALL where we also found this wig store where we stopped by to buy my grandma this really cute number. And as we were walking buying more food, this old vietnamese guy got my attention because he was showing off some handheld accupressure massager. I thought I'd take advantage because my neck still hurts after all. My sister Chi who was holding Dennyse (my niece) got shock when she saw this old guy touching me!!! Anyway, the massager felt good until he pushed a button which sent electromagnetic waves through the pressure point... talk about shock therapy. I didn't buy it because of that. I regretted that decision because I realized that the shock therapy neck was less painful when I got home.

After the Asian Mall, we proceeded to the paint store to buy some paints for my Mom's remodel. That didn't go very well, for some reason I get into fights when I am with my mother. I am so bummed out because I always buy my paints there, but now - I probably would not go back ever because I have pride and after that screaming match with the people there - there is no way I am showing my face again. We headed back to Mom's house to meet the mason doing the slate floor and my Mom successfully talked me to going to Home Depot to buy the materials for her flooring.

Ay yay yay --- there goes the whole day.

It was 8:30 in the evening when Chi and I got back to our neck of the woods... Good thing I don't have to cook dinner, I brought those yummylicious vietnamese bagguettes home...