Monday, March 29, 2004

Ideal Sunday

I was waiting for Chi to give me a wake up call. It was 10:30 when I finally got out of bed and called her instead. I was determined to NOT miss our YAS class. After changing to my gym clothes, I went over to pick her up (so convenient that she moved 4 building away from my place). We got there just in time for our class! I actually lasted the half hour of spinning without even thinking of quitting. There were a couple of times that I almost passed out. This heat on my throat was kind of disturbing. During yoga, the heat actually got bad that I almost threw up. It must have been all the toxins my body was keeping. Yuck! It felt good afterwards and the instuctor even complimented me. She said, this is the best I have done so far. It was painful on my neck but it also helped alot because it added some mobility to my otherwise immobile neck. We then went to a nail spa and got pampered a little. Nice! We had a nice brunch afterwards at the Omelette Parlor... This is my ideal Sunday!

When I got home, I straightened up the house a little bit because Beth (Gene's brother's wife) birthday dinner will be at our house. Tony and Julie came by around 4:30pm to pick up Pedra's paintings and chit chatted a little bit. I kept on looking at the time because I haven't even showered much more, started cooking anything for the dinner. They finally left a little before 6pm...

Triathlon shower, shopping and cooking... After my really quick shower, I had to run to Ralph's to get some salad dressing and other veggie stuff. Beth's a vegetarian who doesn't eat asparagus and asparagus was the only other veggie in the fridge aside from some mushrooms.... I was panicking! Good thing they were running late.

I barely got back when the phone rang and they were outside. Gene had to entertain them while I am whipping out the whole dinner in the kitchen. Gene barbequed some pork ribs and some chicken wings outside at the balcony. I prepared sauteed mushrooms, garlic asparagus, steamed artichoke (thrown to the grill the final few minutes of cooking to bring out the nutty flavor), steamed edemame, romaine lettuce/tomato/carrot/olive salad bowl with 4 choices of dressing and rice. I was going to make some pasta but I didn't realize I was out.

Food was ready by 7:15 pm... That was tough. Everything turned out good and tasty, I actually surprise myself sometimes. They brought some yummy ice cream cake for dessert. Beth was happy she didn't have to cook and clean, for a change - she always invite us over for dinner. Specially when she knows we are poor.

That was a productive weekend --- I thought!