Monday, February 02, 2004

We are finally all moved out. I was sad but relieved. To my surprise more relieved than sad! When dreams turn to nightmare, often you wish you woke up before it did the 180 degree on you. Now the next step is to organize the mess of my life. Boxes everywhere, I wonder how long it would take me to put it away. I swear I will never move again unless we buy a house. I have said this everytime we move and then the property alwasy gets sold and my life is in ruins! What luck we have.

My bestfriend called last Saturday to confirm that I am meeting her in Paris. I am so excited. I had 2 girlfriends that I would comfortably call my bestfriends---Djhoana (DJ) & Melissa (AnP). After the 2 of them I think I never really connected with anyone in the same level. I alwasy believe that you make you most valuable friendship during highschool and college. When life is less complicated and there is less competition. I had DJ in highschool & AnP in college. I miss them both dearly. Everyone else after them are passing friends who may impact your life some but you could live without. Now all I have as constant friends are my sister and husband. Suppose to be a good thing but kinda boring. Whenever I see a group of ladies lunching, I think to myself, hey! how come I don't do that with other girls My life consists of work, work, home, work... Oh, I do go out... I go out with my sister dancing or something!!! Just the other weekend, I went dancing with my sister, a friend who is going through divorce and my sister's co-worker. I was fun until all of them started meeting and dancing and flirting with strangers. I looked at myself and asked why are you here? you should be home with your husband! I was bored out of my mind after that. I have outgrown that whole era of going out and meeting people. Luckily because I don't have to, because I have someone to go home to and that stayed pretty constant for almost seven year now.