Tuesday, February 10, 2004

So, I am going to Uk and then Paris with 4 other girls... But the last few days that was spent straightening out the details of the trip have been a helluva stress fest! Getting all this documents you need to get a visa for both countries. UK was a breeze and they issued it the same day while the Schengen visa (France) required 3 times more documents than UK and takes 10-15 working days to get issued. What the hell is that about? They want 3 consecutive bank statements, 3 consecutive pay checks and all your travel arrangements confirmed. And this is only for non US passport holders such as myself. I am freaking out. The bank statement part freaks me out, I mean --- if they see you have less than 2 hundreed in one month and 3k before that, are they going to decline you of entry to their country? And then most travel arrangements would require you to pay in full before you get a confirmed reservation. So what if you do all that and then get declined for a visa, most of them have a no refund / no transfer policy. It is screwed up. Do they really think you will attempt to travel without money (or credit) to spend? Of course, I am positive that all this is because of heightened security. But please, the terrorrist have money and would not have a problem showing proof of financial stability. All they should be concerned about is if you are coming back to where you came from. And, since I am a US resident holding a steady job and earns pretty good, then OF COURSE I am coming back.