Wednesday, February 25, 2004

It's been seven years since I have left the Philippines and I never really missed it because my memory of it is polluted by the drunken stupor of my youth. Yes, I was always drunk. I would start my day with an amaretto spiked coffee, have lunch with either a margarita, long island ice tea or my drink of choice - vodka tonic... dinner is usually just an encore for a night of drinking and dancing and when I finally get tired enough to wish to go home, I would finish the long day with a Jimmy on the rocks! Quite sad one might read.... but I was happy, as happy as one can remember. I had everything at my disposal. Money, car, driver... boys! I had friends, some just as shallow as them hanging out but I had real friends. Friends who were there to still love me after all the fun expired. One of them, the BEST one of them all was there at the airport the day I left. It was very sad, alot of tears flowed. We didn't think our FUN together would end. We island hopped together. Became sand bug buffet in Boracay. Shared clothes, dreams and danced the night away till breakfast. We planned to backpack in Europe but I had to leave. Leave to see if my daydreams about this boy I loved would be reality. And it did...some other day I will write about the dream that turned into nightmare quickly... But right now, I want to write about my bestfriend in the whole world (and I mean whole world)!!!

I never told her before, but even during the times that we didn't keep in touch, I made it appoint to read about her life and adventures through her blogs. I liked it because it was like reading your bestfriend's diary. I never really understood her homesickness because aside from missing her, I was never really homesick. In fact I felt like I found my home at last. That the drunken stupor was the sign of the emptiness I felt inside but so vehemently denied. I have been sober since I moved to Los Angeles and didn't really felt the need to get get lost with any form of libation. Maybe because all my sisters followed me soon after and that my Mom & favorite Aunt were already in LA. Or maybe because I was in cloud 9 marrying the guy I was crazy about. Like my bestfriend said, I always end up getting what I want.

The whole bloggin thing was not enticing to me even if Melissa and I were at one point hot and heavy with chat sites. I was Luna & she was Soleil. We spent the whole night chatting and gigling to people all over the world. I had a cyber boyfriend. Today, she officially welcomed me and even placed a link to my blogs on hers! What an honor?!!!

Seven years apart and still the best of friends. Even if I am lost, oh and jealous most of the time. We are still the BEST of friends. Wow! How elating is that? Knowing that a connection between 2 people exceeds the boundaries of physical realm.

Paris... here we come to conquer that physical gap even for a few days... Gosh! Do I need you to be there... in this most disastrous era of my life.