Thursday, January 29, 2004

It's been almost a month, honestly - I forgot the url and just got busy moving out of the studio. How sad?

Well, let see --- I ended last year with a trip to the dentist at 8am. Met with the new owners of the property where the studio is situated and tried to see if we could work it out with them. Funny, how people treat Gene and I like we don't know sh*t. That really irritates the hell out of me. Just cause they are a suit and I look young for my age and profession and Gene is a musician, they think they could say anything and we'll believe them. Anyway, he said they were going to completely renovate the front building and re-pave the parking area and open up the back gate to become the exit driveway to the alley, and then he proceeds to tell us that all that will only take 2 months. Now, let's say he was right and things happen that fast in construction... they expect us to pay the full lease amount while we cannot be open for business! For six months that we've been open, we have been sufferring the effects of that abandoned looking building fronting the streets hiding us from view from all our prospective clients, now we'll have to suffer them bringing it to life while we waste precious Westside rent money! No freakin' way. Plus, I lost my taste on it. I am not made to be the BS that you need to be when you are in the gallery business. I am afterall, an artist not a business woman. So after that meeting, we wrote down our faith and decided to move back to Brentwood.

Goodbye gallery... goodbye Santa Monica...